Sequins and leopard

18 January, 2012

About a week ago, it was my brother’s nameday, and we were invited at his house for drinks and finger food near the fireplace. Just us and his in-laws. So I had to pick something cozy to wear, ‘cause the weather was horribly cold. I changed my mind many times about my outfit but finally decided to go like this:

Zara sweater, Venus Victoria body (underneath it), Dolce & Gabbana pants, Zara clutch/wallet, Tsakiris Mallas pumps, H&M necklace, Donna Karan sunglasses.

As you can see I was wearing black tights under the pants, as I told you it was extremely cold outside. That’s something I don’t normally do, especially with nude pumps and I wasn’t so thrilled with the result, but I wanted to try it.

Something I also noticed is that I don’t really like how leopard looks on me, especially in such large pieces as this sweater. I love seeing it on everyone else, but I’m not used to seeing such prints on myself.

On this cold night, I couldn’t go out without my long, roomy coat that I have for many years and I recently started wearing again really often. It’s actually the first coat I ever bought and coincidentally the first coat I ever tried on. It fitted like a glove from the first time, and no matter how many I wore after this one, no other fitted me like this. It was made for that specific store in my city, so it’s not from a known brand.

It was also the first time that I carried my sequined clutch.

Pretty roomy too I must add. It also fitted some extra things I wanted to take with me.

Forgot to say that I added a pop of color with my scarf, which was my mother’s. A vintage piece which looks like new…

And for those of you who haven’t seen my shoes before, here’s a close up pic!

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48 comments on “Sequins and leopard

  1. einai polu wraio to leopar panw s mn to fovasai!pragmatika ki egw olo diplo panteloni foraw i kalson apo katw den palevete alliws…episis molis anoiksei o kairos ligaki kai dn exei trelloo kruo na pame cosmos gia ena kafedaki 🙂
    maria recently posted..Check my ice-creamMy Profile

    • Poli euxaristws Maraki mou! Me megali mou xara!
      Ontws exei para poli krio, kai twra tha etoimastw na paw gia psonia! Pali kalson apo katw, ti na kanoume….
      Oso gia to leopar, den kserw alla otan vlepw ton eauto mou ston kathrefti kati den mou kathetai kala! Den mou aresw poli me prints. Alla fantazomai tha to sinithisw. Thank you gia ta kala sou logia! 🙂

  2. to leopard sou tairiazei mai xara, min to fovasai.. kai tolmiros o syndyasmos me to sequined clutch… oso gia to kalson mesa apo to panteloni.. kanei poly kryo, se katalavaino toso poly, isos tha mporouses na dokimaseis kai ena se xroma tou dermatos (i calzedonia exei kapoia se 30 den pou se kratane sxetika zesti)
    christina recently posted..Save Your Style!My Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli!
      Epitides dialexa na foresw to sinolo me mavro kaltson apo mesa, giati to eixa dei se allous kai ithela na to dokimasw, alla den mou arese san apotelesma…Tha parameinw sto diafanes kalson sto xrwma tou dermatos…Exw merika arketa zesta…Tin epomeni fora tha foresw ekeina!
      S’euxaristw gia tin protasi sou pantws!

  3. On the contrary, I think you look awesome in leopard print. I agree that it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes but you styled it perfectly! 🙂

    The combo of sequin with leopard is very innovative. You have a very unique style. I like it very much. Please do pay me a visit so that we might follow one another. 🙂


  4. First of all, I love the redesign!! 🙂 I remember those shoes! They are really pretty. I love your sequin clutch too. In winter I always have to wear many layers, and quite often wear black tights underneath as well, I agree it doesn’t look as good with pumps so I try to hide it in boots! x
    Steph recently posted..Black and goldMy Profile

    • Thank you Stephanie! The redesign was something I had in my mind for a very long time. 🙂
      Yes, I know… I hate winter. Having to layer all my clothes to feel warm annoys me. My favourite season is Spring, when it’s warm enough not to wear a jacket but still cool enough not to need an A/C.
      I usually wear regular socks underneath my boots to feel warm, and skin coloured tights with my pumps. But lately it’s so cold here that I have to even wear warm tights underneath my pants. Wearing black ones with these shoes was just an experiment, that I didn’t like so I’m going back to my usual stuff.

  5. oooo se zhleuw, latreuw to tzaki me potaki k kalh parea eidika twra sta krua alla den exw tzaki sto spiti m kai dustuxws oute k oi files mou…
    emena proswpika m aresei trela o sundoiasmos tou maurou, kokkinou kai xrusou pou exeis kanei.
    to kokkino einai ena uperoxo pop of color opws to lew k egw to amerikanaki *exw ksexasei ta ellhnika m fainete* oso gia to clutch uperoxo! einai toso glam k glitterish.
    filia polla!!!!
    Marianne M. recently posted..Guccified!My Profile

    • haha min anisixeis kai egw pop of color to eipa! Exeis kamia sxesi ontws me Ameriki? Ase kai egw me to blog exw arxisei na xrisimopoiw polles ksenes lexeis stin kathimerinotita mou! Pou na ta milousa kai kala!
      S’euxaristw para poli gia ta kala sou logia! Panta mou afineis katapliktika sxolia!
      Kai emeis exoume tzaki alla den ton anavoume sixna giati stamataei i thermansi kai pagwnei to ipoloipo spiti..Distixws! Alla otan exoume kosmo to anavoume pou kai pou….
      Filia polla! 🙂

  6. vlepw den eimai h monh pou to ksenuxtaei vraduatika, ti kaneis toso arga mesa?
    kamia sxesh me amerikh, apla m aresei trela san glwssa, xwra ktl…kai eimai psilotrelegko apo oti katalaves kai petaw agglika sto ksekarfwto.
    tha to deis oti oso grafeis sta agglika tha exoikiwtheis k esy toso polu mazi tous pou tha sou erxontai sxedon toso fusika oso ta ellhnika.
    oso gia ta sxolia, panta xara mou einai na afhnw sxoliakia…
    filia polla kai phgaine xaplwse, koimisou 😛
    Marianne M. recently posted..Guccified!My Profile

    • hehe oxi den eisai i moni, alla xthes sigekrimena koimithika nwritera giati eixa vgei to apogeuma gia sales shopping kai imouna ptwma! Sinithws koimamai kata tis 4-5 alla epeidi exw varethei oli tin katastasi tou na xipnaw sxedon mesimeri prospathw siga siga na to ftiaxw…
      Idi exw arxisei na exoikiwnomai pio poli, apla to lexilogio den itane pote to dinato mou simeio! Tha to prospathisw kai auto…
      Filia polla!

  7. Auto to mplouzaki einai apo ta agapimena mou! Gia na min pw kan gia tis goves pou ennoeitai oti einai poli omorfes.
    Oso gia tin erwtisi sou ws pros to shoelazzo, nomizw apantisa 🙂
    filakia kouklitsa

    • Alitheia? S’euxaristw para poli!
      Kai se euxaristw pou apantises stin erwtisi mou! 🙂 Giati otan grafoune dio kopeles einai pio diskolo na to ksexwriseis…Kala vevaia sta sxolia sto blog katalavaina fisika oti eisai esi! Alla einai kalitero na to ksereis!
      Filakia polla!

  8. Argh, I wrote a comment yesterday and lost it! Grrr, my fault, I normally copy it before sending and yesterday I didn’t do it! Coming to see if you had answered, I didn’t find my comment, and so I’ll write it again! (Thank God I came here again! Or else I wouldn’t have seen it wasn’t posted!)
    Do you remember – I think – my first comment here? If not my first, one of the first. It was a smilar pose, wearing an amazing black dress on Easter. And I looked at you and thought “wow, fabulous, she looks like a model”! In fact, I did think you were a model! (I still think so!)
    This time it’s the same – you simply look like a model! Such a great body and style, congratulations!
    You said you didn’t like leopard in a big piece, for you, but I have to disagree, I love it! And the pants and the shoes – amazing! Plus the clutch, what for a great style to celebrate your brother’s nameday!
    I also loved your hair! So you see, I liked the whole outfit and you could be in Harper’s Bazaar or Tatler – Elle and Vogue too!
    So now I’ll copy my comment, I don’t want to lose it again!
    Looking forward to the next amazing outfit! (I’ll be in winter in 29 days…. flying in 28, naaaaaiiiii !!!)
    Filakia polla!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..FriendshipMy Profile

    • Awww why did your comment get lost? Was there a problem with my blog? ‘Cause I didn’t see a pending one from you. I would’ve remembered. I’ve lost many of my comments too on other blogs, and it’s annoying sometimes, especially if you haven’t saved them before. Thank you for coming back. Another thing I wanted to ask: Aren’t my replies to your comments coming as an email to you? ‘Cause I have a plug-in that does it automatically.
      Oh my dear Denise you’re are flattering me! :$ You know how easily I blush. hehe. Thank you so much for your amazing comment. I’m glad you liked this outfit too. Although, the reason why I chose these photos is because they were the best of those I took. On the other taken from the front you could see that I gained weight, and I believe you can see it on my previous outfit too. It’s true! I gained 2 kilos during the holidays. And I’m on a diet to lose them. So far I only lost one of the 2, but I have a long road ahead of me. I want to lose at least 5 to feel comfortable in my clothes again. So I’m far from a model. I’m so shy I can’t even pose in front of a tripod, cause I know I will post the pics here. Don’t even get me started about posing in front of others. I always feel awkward when they take my pic.
      My hair in these pics is natural. They are naturally wavy at the back and straighter at the front. I don’t usually do many things with them. I’m so lazy, and not at all good at making hairstyles.
      Unfortunately I don’t have other outfit pics ready for my next posts but I’ll try to take some before T. leaves. I planned a small trip for this weekend. 🙂
      Can’t believe you want so much to return to winter. I’ll always pick spring/summer to fall/winter. But I understand that you want to see your friends in London, and that you’ve missed them. Good thing is that you’d be closer to me once again heheh. yayyy! 🙂
      Filakia polla sweety! I’ll come by your blog today! Sorry I didn’t have time these days.

    • S’euxaristw poli! Nai, kanei ontws paaara poli krio! Kai eidika Thessaloniki me tosi igrasia einai tsouxtero…Kati mou leei oti tha meinei meres…
      Ta mallia mou einai ta fisika, den tous ekana tipota, apla mazepsa dio toufes pisw 😛

  9. I love the nude color of your shoes. Your leopard outfit reminds me of my mom’s blouse. The Zara clutch/wallet matched the outfit well. And your black pants complements your curves. Good luck to the giveaway’s winner.

  10. wow you really can walk on those heels…?…myself, i wear tights under trousers in winter as well, but noone will ever see them, because they’re hidden in my boots !

    • Yes…it isn’t difficult. The platform helps a lot…But they’re definitely not shoes that you can wear for long distances…I usually don’t wear tights under my trousers. Only in really rare occasions.

  11. tights under trousers are not very comfy, i know, they itch and scratch during the day…that’s another reason for me to prefer ankle-boots: trousers paired with boots cover my legs completely, i don’t need any sheer nylon hose, even under dress trousers ! comfy cotton socks are my daily choice

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