Yellow & black | Outfits

I love wearing short dresses with my over the knee boots, and that’s something I’m gonna miss when winter is officially over. However, we were lucky enough not to have a heavy winter in Greece this year, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to wear those. That is a very long sweater though, not even a dress, and I’m actually wearing shorts underneath, as I do with everything too short I wear from time to time. I “stole” this sweater from my mother, since she wasn’t wearing it anymore, and I got this beautiful coat by another relative, and couldn’t wait to wear it, before winter is gone for good this year. The necklace is also vintage, so this is basically a vintage kind of outfit. I really like how it looked, and I hope you like it too. I’ll be transitioning to spring clothes over the course of the next few weeks. So stay tuned for those outfits!

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A hint of red | Outfits

This is probably the last wintery outfit post. As we’re moving towards spring, and lighter clothes, I’ll start transitioning to more weather-appropriate outfits. I wore this one, one month ago, on Valentine’s Day, when we went brunching with my boyfriend. The weather was amazing, so I didn’t even need to wear that many layers, but I’m always careful when it comes to early spring. This is one of the warmest dresses I have in my wardrobe, and I actually have it in two colors, and I love them both. I combined the dress with my pair of over-the-knee boots, and I added the red belt for a pop of color, to match the “mood of the day” (Valentine’s Day and all). Not pictured is my burgundy coat, which I wear all the time lately. We took these photos as we were waiting for our brunch to be served, at the restaurant. I had an omelette, and an iced coffee, for the first time this year. Hope you like it! See you soon with new outfit posts.

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Blue & mustard | Outfits

Blue & yellow are two of the basic colors, and even though most of us hesitate to combine them, I was happy to do it for this casual look of the day. I even wore sneakers. Can you believe it? Spring is on its way, and hopefully you won’t get to see many winter outfits from now on, even though it’s still pretty cold outside, but you get the point. You know that I love my spring/summer wardrobe way more than my winter one. Not much to say about this look. I liked it, but it ain’t that special, let’s be honest. I added that choker on top of the sweater, in an effort to make the outfit look more special. haha See you soon with a new post loves!

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Two dresses | Outfits

You probably can’t really tell, but I’m actually wearing two dresses, one on top of the other in these photos. The white one on top, is kiiinda short, and I needed those extra centimeters of fabric, plus the black one I’m wearing under the white one, has a beautiful necklace attached to it, which made my white dress look way more interesting. I matched the dress with the a very similar blazer I have in my collection with leather-like sleeves, and I really liked the result. It’s been snowing all day today, and I really love watching the snow fall, but I do love sunny days like that one, more than anything. It’s difficult to photograph white clothes in such a bright light, but it was worth it. And in the end, I did like the result. Do you like this look?

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Glam it up! | Outfits

The outfit of the week is based on red, burgundy & grey. I played with some old clothes & accessories, such as my sweater, shirt & bag, and some new ones, like my jeans, coat and booties, to create this look. A normal person would have probably worn this outfit with a pair of biker boots, or something similar. But I decided to glam it up and wear it with my glitter booties. I just love them so much, and I love how they reflect the light on a super sunny day like this one. So new and old items from my wardrobe came together, to create this look, which I really loved. My new coat is going to be worn a lot this winter, I can feel it. I was just too bored of my old black ones, I wanted more color. And you know how much I love burgundy. And my skinny jeans matched the whole outfit perfectly. Do you like my look of the day?

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