How to: Do a matte manicure with shiny tips

21 February, 2012

I’ve been seeing some of these manicures on the internet for a long time now, and I’m really impressed with how it looks. Having something like this as an inspiration, I decided to give it a try myself. Of course I’m not a manicurist so there wasn’t much chance that I would make it look, at least, similar to that one, but I kind of liked the result. It was the first time I tried something like this, so you can call this “a how to guide for amateurs like me”.

So this is what I did! I photographed it step by step to show you the procedure I followed.

Seventeen nail polish in Black, mat finish nail polish by Tommy G, Mavala’s Mavadry and some tape.

First of all:

I chose to keep a slightly long length for the shiny tips to look better and I prefer my nails to be more to the squared side.


To make the process easier and to protect your nails from chipping

There are many ways to do this, but I chose this one ‘cause I thought it was easier.

Alternatively, you could have used the matte nail polish on your whole nail in this step, and then add the tapes on the whole nail, leaving only the tips out. Or even better, if your hand is steady enough, you could try it without the tape.

I chose to cover my tips, and use the matte nail polish on the remaining areas, (because this way required less work for me). Wait a few minutes….

And Voilá:

This is the final result. It was much better in person though. It’s not perfect but it was the first time, so next time, I’ll do it better!

Those slim white lines you see between the matte and the shiny part are from the tape. They were not visible later, but I took the pic, as soon as I finished the manicure.

So, what do you think? Did you like it? Are you going to try it yourself? Or don’t you like the matte nails trend? Tell me on the comments section below.

P.S. I did this manicure last week, and it lasted more than a full week.

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65 comments on “How to: Do a matte manicure with shiny tips

  1. Oh, I am so amazed when you post about manicure!
    First of all, your nails are peeeeerfect! Really beautiful!
    And then the ideas are amazing! This color with the matte coat is great!
    I would love to try this, but because of the luggage one nail broke – really short, so I had to cut the other 9 🙁 Well, in a month or less they will be Ok!
    Amazing manicure as always! I am always super well impressed!
    Note: Ooohhh, finally I could sleep yesterday and bought many things from my list! 🙂
    Filakia polla!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Some special thingsMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Denise! They don’t look so good on these pics though because it was night and I didn’t have natural light to photograph them. I’m waiting for spring to come!
      You can also try it on short nails. I cut mine today too! I just needed them longer for this exact manicure, but you can try the matte polish on the whole nail.
      I’m glad you had a chance to sleep and buy stuff from your list. Can’t wait to see what you bought. Oh and I didn’t come by your blog yesterday, I didn’t have enough time, but I’ll come today!
      P.S. See my previous post if you like to tell me your opinion, and you can also still enter my giveaway! 🙂
      Filakia polla!!!!

  2. Thank you for the instructions and pictures. I love blogs that add visuals. This way, I have something to compare too. I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Nai to exw dei kai to YSL! Alla ekei exei dio vernikia, ena kanoniko kai ena mat.
      I idea tou diafanou mat pou paei panw apo ola ta vernikia mou arese pio poli! Kostizei kai poli ligotero sigoura, ap’to na pareis kathe xrwma se mat.

  3. ωωω αυτό το κολπάκι νομίζω ότι πρώτη φορά το βλέπω, πώς μου ξέφυγε? για αρχάρια πάντως το έκανες τέλειο!

    • Awww s’euxaristw toooso poli gia ta kala sou logia! 🙂
      Molis ftiaxei ligo o kairos tha to dokimasw kai me anoixtoxrwmo, giati pros to paron, thelw na dokimasw merika akoma xeimerina xrwmata pou exw!

    • Thank you Christinaki! Poli xairomai pou s’aresan toso!
      Na to dokimaseis einai arketa eukolo akoma kai gia arxarious! Edw to ‘kana egw!
      haha omws me to stathero xeri me ekanes kai gelasa! Egw stathero xeri? Prepei na me deis na krataw disko! Tha me apoliane sti stigmi an imouna servitora! 🙂

  4. Souper αποτέλεσμα και πολύ πρωτότυπη ιδέα!
    Μακάρι να είχα κι εγώ τόσο όμορφα δάχτυλα σαν τα δικά σου για να τα έκανα αυτά! :-/

    Kisses xx
    Kate V recently posted..Black&WhiteMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw para poli gia to koplimento Kate! Eisai poli glikia! Eimai sigouri oti kai esi exeis poli omorfa daxtila, kai tha einai to idio kalo to apotelesma kai sta dika sou nixia! 🙂

    • Parakalw Caramellitsa mou! Einai ap’tin idia etaireia pou vgazei ta magnetic nail polishes pou pires, tin Tommy G. Einai i idia poy vgazei kai ta GT Cosmetics pou xrisimopoiw sinithws. Xairomai poli pou sou arese! 🙂

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  7. kai anarvtivmoyn pvs ginetai ayto to apisteyto manicure! teleio! latreyw to styl soy!!!! thelw thn ntoylapa soy!!!!!! xi xi!
    iam following!
    follow back?

    • Se euxaristw poli Rena! Xairomai pou sou arese kai to manicure kai to blog mou! hehe toso poli sou aresan ta rouxa mou? 🙂
      Tha perasw oso pio sintoma mporw kai apo to diko sou blog!

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    • Thank you! If I can do it, then I’m sure you can do it too. It’s much easier than it looks, and I’m not a manicurist. Just an amateur playing around with nail polishes. hehe 🙂


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  12. Thank you all so much for commenting on my blog! I’m really glad you liked my manicure, and my tutorial! I’m super excited that it was featured on LALM. 🙂

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