French tips manicure | Tutorial | Video (Greek)

How to French tips manicure in pink purple shades tutorial

My video today is inspired by 1) your questions about my manicures 2) my new nail polish #227 Patina Buckle by CND, from its new collection called “Craft Culture”. So I’m showing you an easy way to do your french manicure (in pink and purple shades) at home. If you like the video, please like and subscribe!

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How to use Instagram to find cool places near you to visit

How to use Instagram to find cool places next to you to visit

This is not a new feature on Instagram, but many people don’t know it or don’t use it for this reason, and I found that it’s a really cool way to find great places to visit that are near you, especially when you’re traveling, and you haven’t done much of a search or don’t have friends there to recommend places to you. So what I like to do when I’m in a new city, and I want to find cool places to go for coffee/food/drinks/dessert, is search through Instagram. Yes, Instagram! It’s pretty easy, you’ll see.

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Boxer braids hairstyle tutorial | Video

Boxer braids hairstyle tutorial

Boxer braids are the hairstyle of the season, and of course I had to try them. Since I’m not good with hair (or makeup for that matter) my friend Sonia did them for me, and we decided to film the whole process to show you how to do it yourself. Since the video is in Greek, I’m going to tell you that boxer braids are actually double dutch braids, and they’re very similar to the process of french braids. What you do differently is to braid your hair, by putting the strands of hair below the main strand, instead of above it like you do with french braids. You should try out, and let me know what you think.

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How to do outline nails | manicure tutorial

A few weeks ago, I did a similar manicure, and I was asked by many of you to do a tutorial. I know it would have been much easier for you to watch a video tutorial, but honestly, I don’t know how to do one, nor I have the time and energy to experiment with videos for the time being. I’m not saying that I never will, just not now. But it’s a really easy manicure to do, even for the less experienced (like me, who is a complete amateur who learned how to do everything by simply experimenting on my nails… I’m no way an expert), so I took many pictures, in hopes that they’ll be enough to show you how I did it, step by step. Since I didn’t want to use the same colors, I tried something I wanted for a while now, inspired by this pin on Pinterest, which takes border mani a step further by adding a mat finish. Totally loved the result! I want to thank T. for taking once again pictures for me. I’ll put a short label under each photo to guide you step by step on the process.

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How to make a delicious Latte Macchiato at home

First of all, I want to say that I’m not an expert, and everything I describe here is things I learned from videos or read online. A while ago, as most of you know, I bought my first espresso maker by Nespresso, called Pixie. After experimenting with different coffee blends, I decided I wanted to try and make a Latte Macchiato. So I searched  and learned how to do it, and after being not only satisfied but actually addicted on it, I thought it would be nice to share with you the process, in case some of you want to drink a nice Latte Macchiato at home this Sunday morning, or any other day  for that matter. So let’s start!

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