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16 April, 2012

Hello everyone! It’s the 2nd day of Easter for us orthodoxes, but I hope my fellow Greeks had a great time on Easter day.

I had a great time last week, I can’t complain, even though the weather wasn’t as good as I hoped for and didn’t allow us to wear all the spring clothes we wanted to wear during the Easter holidays. But I’m sure spring will return really soon, and we’ll have enough time to wear those pastel items we bought.

In the meantime, I combine my spring items with warmer ones, to keep myself warm.

 Striped sweater: H&M (similar style: here and here), long top underneath: Zara, Jeans: Zara (similar style here and here), bag: Zara (similar style here), shoes: Zara, sunglasses: Donna Karan, necklace: Oysho, watch: Michael Kors (same style here)(similar style here and here).

As you can see this is a low cost outfit, which consists mostly of Zara items. And I know you’ve already seen these jeans many times, but I’m sure you’ll see them many more. At least until I can start wearing my pastel ones.

On my nails: 17 Lasting Fix nail polish in Midnight Sapphire, and Tommy G’s mat finish as a top coat. I had already showed you a preview of this manicure on my Facebook page.

As for the bracelet, it’s a fluorescent one that glows in the dark (as seen here), which was given to me by a waiter at TGI Friday’s in one of my visits there.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Stay tuned for more of my recent purchases, and some more outfits.

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P.S. Fortunately Easter day was a sunny one, so you can expect a colorful outfit in some days.


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38 comments on “On Stripe

    • Thank you! Nai mas teleiwse…elpizw na min pira pali kila me toso fai!
      Ax na sou pw tin alitheia den evgala polles fwto me fai autin ti fora…varethika..eipa na min deixnw sinexeia fagita kai sas prizw…alla fagame kala! 🙂
      Filia polla!

  1. At last I found some time to comment on your blog!!! Excuse me for my absence, I was reading everything but my schedule is very heavy the last 2 months (plus at work we have a new internet control system…:(
    You look very beautiful! I think spring it’s your time of the year. The striped sweater is beautiful!
    Wish you a great week!

    • Min anisixeis katholou! Kserw oti eixate douleies tous teleutaious mines! To diavasa sto blog sas! Oi douleies kai i proswpiki zwi panta proigountai…kai einai kalo na iparxoun douleies stis meres mas…
      Kala pou vrika to comment sou! Giati gia kapoio logo den perase to spam filter, kai katelixe ston spam folder, alla to psarepsa exw! 🙂
      S’euxaristw para poli gia to comment sou! Elpizw na perases teleia stis diakopes!
      Kali evdomada! Filia polla!

    • Thank you! I love all kinds of stripes, and you have many striped items. It doesn’t matter that they are thin stripes. You always look amazing when wearing them! 🙂

    • S’euxaristw para poli Christina! haha m’exeis sinithisei se pio “megalistika” outfit e? E den eimaste kai idia ilikia…. Alla etsi ntinomai otan vgainw exw casually. Apla protimw panta to pio kalo ntisimo…. Xronia polla kai Alithws Anesti! Argisa ligo na apantisw giati eleipa ap to spiti 2 meres!
      Filia polla!

    • S’euxaristw poli glikia mou Maria! Ax kai egw thelwww alla o kairos den mou epitrepei na foresw oti thelw…exw vgalei to pasxalino outfit alla proigountai prwta kapoia alla pou tha sas deixw…Elpizw na sou aresoune!
      Filia polla!

    • S’euxaristw para poli Caramellitsa! Eimai fan tou nude edw kai polles season mporw na pw…exw “sillexei” arketa pragmata. hehe
      Elpizw na sou aresei kai to neo mou post!

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