Pastel dreaming

21 June, 2012

Nothing much to say today! This is the outfit I wore a few days ago, to go for a walk with the bf. The weather has been really hot lately, so I’m trying to keep it casual and simple.  But a little color blocking can really boost your mood. Don’t you think?

Zara top and jeans, no-name really old bag, handmade Olvia suede sandals (seen before here), Ray-Ban folding wayfarer sunglasses (shop here), H&M necklace (seen before here as a birthday gift)(similar styles here and here), H&M neon yellow bra (similar style here and here), and Michael Kors rose gold watch (shop here).

Guest star of this post, once again, my cat Moira.

And finally, this is Shoe Save #11/59 for my Shoeper Shoe Challenge, by

This is the second time I wore them this season, but I really wanted to photograph them in an outfit, in order to “save” them properly!

Hope you liked my outfit….One more week left, before my vacation to Chios island, where I’m going to attend my 1st cousin’s wedding. Haven’t been there since I was 8 years old, even though it was the island were my father was born and raised. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to take a tour of the island again.

Stay tuned for another post really soon….


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17 comments on “Pastel dreaming

  1. Oh, the day has come! I mean, almost there, the weeding of your cousin – reeeeally eager to see how beautiful you’ll be – cause I’m sure you will (we both agreed, the bride will be number 1, of course, and then YOU!) So nice to see how you wore pastels, you look gorgeus, happy and relaxed! Nice that your bf was there, time flies, soon the months will be over (for what he’s doing, you know what I mean).
    I loved the sandals, cause I love this color – I loved the necklace too! And of course the pants – you really look stylish!
    I am also glad or proud that I still remember my Greek lessons – Greek friends of mine always ask “do you still remember?” And it was lovely to read now, Kriti and to remember I have to write my friend Maria from Crete (shame on me!) and that I can say Filakia polla apo Porto Alegre twra!!! Xaxaxaxa!
    Well, the island seems to be amazing, and you went there when you were 8… you’ll certainly love it now! I bet you’ll have a great time!
    Thought of you yesterday – I bought 3 pairs… 5 in a month. I won’t write this on my blog cause I don’t want to offend a friend who writes me, and she is facing financial problems… but to you I can say!
    Ah, and Zara has refunded me after 8 months! So I can buy there again!
    Filakia pollaaaaaaaaaa!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 10My Profile

    • Yayyy! I’m so happy for you that Zara finally sent you a refund, as they should have a long time ago….And of course I’m so excited for you because you bought 5 more pairs of shoes! I can totally understand how difficult it is to rest buying more beautiful shoes. Although I’ll try from now on to stop doing this so much…I don’t have much closet space for shoes or anything to be honest, and I want to at least try not to spend so much money around.
      I’m so excited about the fact that I’ll visit my father’s island after so many years. It won’t be the shame without him, but at least I’ll think of him, while I’m there. I’m also excited about the wedding. I love wedding, and anything that “needs” a more formal outfit. I love these things. Although I won’t be as formal as I was on my brother’s wedding.
      As for your Greek, I think they are fantastic. I’m sure you still remember everything, and if you ever travel to Greece for some weeks, you’ll learn even more, really fast. 🙂 I’m still struggling with my Spanish. We had the last lesson of the season today…I have to do a lot of studying, if I want to take the exams for a degree next fall.
      Anyway, thank you so much! I’m always happy to hear from you! I’ll try to come to your blog too today. I was away for 2 days, and that’s why I didn’t so far…But I will, as soon as possible. I just have so many things to do before.
      Filakia pollaaaaaaa!!!!

  2. Λατρεύω αυτά τα χρώματα τόσο πολύ πάνω σου! Υπέροχη!

    Υ.Γ.: Όσα για τα σχόλια, έκανα διάφορα πειράματα, τώρα ενεργοποίησα και πάλι τα blog/url 🙂

    Kisses xx
    Kate V recently posted..BollywoodMy Profile

    • Euxaristw poli Christina! Ta elafria rouxa kai ta drosera xrwmata einai must gia to kalokairi stin Ellada! 🙂
      Kalo Savvatokiriako kai se sena!

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