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Last Thursday we met again with Anatoli from the blog From with Love, to take some outfit photos of each other, and enjoy cold drinks next to the sea. It was a lovely afternoon, and we had fun taking photos and gossiping. I wore a super casual outfit to fight the hot summer sun. A definite uniform of mine when the temperatures rise to the highest! A huge thank you to Anatoli for taking my photos….I always enjoy meeting my girls and fellow fashion bloggers of my city! Visit her blog too and see the photos I took of her outfit.

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5 ways to wear a multi-colored printed dress

As I told you on my previous post, today (August 15th) is one of the biggest religion holidays in Greece (The Assumption of Mary). For this reason, I’m not going to do a regular post but a “new kind of post” instead.

Today, I’m going to show you 5 ways to wear a multi-colored printed dress. When you have an item with so many colors on it, it’s a bit difficult to find a good match for the shoes and the other accessories, because you don’t want to overdo it with the colors. The most important advice I have to give you is to stick to one or some of the colors that your item, in this case dress, already has on it. My rule is never more than 3 colors – a rule my mom passed on me – because you don’t want to look like a clown.

You may pair it with flats or heels, that’s absolutely your choice, but if your dress has as many colors as mine on it, be careful with your selection of accessories. Let’s see how I wore mine.

1.      With a pair of blue slingbacks and a bag of the same color.

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Do you speak neon?

When you can’t find a proper title for your post (always a difficult task for me), this is what happens…you resort to wordplay with your blog’s name. It was the first thing that popped into my head and I said, why not?

I’m probably already back from my trip by now, but I thought just in case we were somehow delayed, I should schedule another one. This is an outfit I wore just before my trip, to go to lunch with T. and goodbye him, just before he returned to the army again, after spending almost 9 days in our town. Thank God for the 2nd time elections of our country. These flats may not be the perfect match, but I didn’t want to wear heels for the day, and I was in a hurry. Hope you like it….

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My month in pics – June 2012

Can’t believe June has already come to an end…One more day left for July to arrive. We are in the heart of summer! As you already know, because I said it far too many times, I’m in Chios island right now, firstly to attend my cousin’s wedding, and secondly to tour the island, and enjoy some days of vacation. So this is obviously a scheduled post. Let’s see what happened in my life and my blog this month…

Starting from the outfits I wore and photographed…

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Pastel dreaming

Nothing much to say today! This is the outfit I wore a few days ago, to go for a walk with the bf. The weather has been really hot lately, so I’m trying to keep it casual and simple.  But a little color blocking can really boost your mood. Don’t you think?

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