The birthday gifts

7 June, 2012

I promise this is the last post I make about my birthday, or my party (at least for this year), but I wanted to share with you the birthday gifts I got, because I really liked them. I don’t have much to say, so I’ll let the photos do the talking again, and I’ll put some captions below each photo.

Burberry Brit perfume, with mini perfume for the bag, and Burberry Brit Body Lotion, from my friend Joanna. I really loved the smell of it, so fresh! Perfect for summer! A good luck charm necklace, with an evil eye, from Oxette, from my sister-in-law.

H&M turquoise necklace from my friend N., together with the Oriflame box underneath it (you can see its content in the photo below). She knew I had the pink version of the necklace, and that I was contemplating on buying this one as well, so she bought it for me. Thank you N.! 🙂

An Accessorize neutral/beige statement necklace from Maria from Style Bows (similar style here).

The content of the Oriflame box: a lipstick, a liquid concealer, mascara, and an eye-shadow set.

Loved the color of the lipstick! It’s exactly what I needed for the summer.

A beautiful red flower plant.

A gorgeous rose-flower arrangement from a close family friend, the day after my party (at my house gathering).

Aren’t they beautiful?

She also bought “The Culinary Book”/Chef Bible for me, which weighs almost 5kg (!), because she knows how much I love cooking.

Sweet Denise sent me these 2 gifts from UK. This fantastic cuff bracelet, and this Accessorize nail polish which is iridescent and changes colors in different lighting. Thank you so much Denise! 🙂

And lastly this beautiful pink rose from my cousin.

My mother bought me a dress I liked, some time ago, which I haven’t shown you on the blog yet, and my grandmother gave me some money, which went for *ahmmm* shoes (what else?)! Really soon on the blog…

My bf is keeping my birthday present a secret. I wasn’t expecting a gift, since he’s in the army this year, and he doesn’t have time for shopping, but he said he bought me something, but I couldn’t take a word out of his mouth about it. He’s so good at keeping secrets, and he always makes me “beg” for more details. He likes teasing me. Well, T. I hope it worths it. hehe

So, did you like my birthday gifts? Which one is your favorite?


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18 comments on “The birthday gifts

  1. I love all of them, your friends have amazing taste! The perfume and lotion, and the flowers (I loooove pink flowers, especially roses!), I loved the necklaces too! And oh my God, that book! Thick! Your family and friends will looove tasting what you’ll cook!!!
    Thanks for mentioning me and showing the gifts! As usual, when I saw that nail polish I thought of you and also bought one for me – but also as usual, still didn’t use it! But I always say “one day”!
    I reeeeeally loved the good luck charm with the evil eye. That was so so sweet and wishing you all the best, sooo sweet!
    I really loved the presents you got, and I am eager to see the new shoes and the dress! Guess what, I went to a place to get documents for the new passport and there was a store 50 m far from the place I had to go… loved two pairs, bought one and now I’m dreaming of the other (haha!) I have to go back, hahaha!
    I’m also curious to know what T. will give to you, I bet you are reeeeally curious!!! And I hope you meet him soon!
    Ah, the pictures? Pure luck, it was the same camera, as usual. But guess what, I bought a new one last weekend, still learning how to use it… I don’t know, not sooo convinced yet, but let’s see!
    Filakia pollaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Denise recently posted..Using my brain and Dinan, FranceMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Denise! As I told you, I loved your presents too. I’m definitely gonna wear the bracelet, and paint my nails with the polish. I have so many now, I feel kind of “obliged” to have my nails painted all the time, for the nail polishes not to go to waste. I got so many colors this past year…But I love them all. I just hope they last for many years.
      You’ll see the shoes really soon, but I haven’t worn the dress yet. Maybe this month, will see. So you got a new pair of shoes too? hehe Glad I’m not the only one who’s thinking about buying more shoes. I wasn’t expecting to buy 3(!) more pairs this month, but it just happened. I should stop. It’s an addiction. I have so many, and T. is not here so much lately to go out with me so I can wear them all. hehe And I joined the SSC as well this year. I hope I save them all.
      I’m curious too about T.’s present, but he’s not telling me anything. He’s “killing” me. I told him he shouldn’t have told me about the present, now I’m so curious.
      A new camera sounds great! I’m sure you learn how to use it really soon, and you’ll love it!
      Filakia pollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    • S’euxaristw poli Christina! Kai mena mou aresan poli! Anipomonw na foresw osa mporw kai na xrisimopoiisw genika ta ipoloipa!
      Kalo mina kai se sena! Na pernas iperoxa!
      Filia polla!

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