Pearl Bay Hotel – Chios

9 July, 2012

As you very well know, I spent 7 days at Chios island, for my cousin’s wedding, so I took many photos to share with you after my return. As soon as I booked our flight, I searched online for the perfect hotel for us to stay, when we get there. I’m very picky, when it comes to hotels, because I’m much of a germ phobic, and in addition to this, really old hotels with heavy decoration, cause me depression. That’s why I search a lot online for the perfect hotel, wherever I go, and so far I had the best of luck with my choices. And in this case, my choice was perfect! The hotel couldn’t be better!

 Pearl Bay hotel is located in Daskalopetra, Vrontados, only 7 km away from the city of Chios.

Whenever I visit a new hotel, one of the first things I do, is take photos of the room, and the premises of the hotel. Unfortunately we were in a hurry when we checked in so I took the photos the next day.

This is how our room looked like….

Please excuse the slightly messy room.

As you can see, it’s very spacious. It has a double bed, a couch, a 42-inch LCD with satellite TV, a PC (!), Wi-Fi, a vanity table, a dining table with 2 chairs, a cute fully equipped kitchen, mini-bar, A/C, safe, ironing table & iron, and an amazing bathroom with hydro-massage and bathroom accessories. And all these in an amazing price! I was really impressed! I read on their site that there was a PC in the room, but couldn’t believe it until I saw it! I mostly used my bf’s Blackberry Playbook though (you can see many of the pics I posted from my trip on my Facebook page) because I don’t like logging in from “public” PCs.

Our room was in the upper floor and had perfect view of the new pool.

I only managed to swim in the pool twice, and none in the sea (due to the wedding, and “women’s problems” if you know what I mean), but I loved it. It’s not 100% ready yet. They are still fixing the pool’s premises, and making a pool bar, but they will all be ready till the end of this month, as I was told.

I also want to share with you some pics from the reception of the hotel. They aren’t high quality, but they’ll have to do.

This is the bar/ cafeteria with the reception on the right.

A night view of the bar area, with the blue neon lights.

This is the area where you can take your breakfast, or watch TV.

And lastly, this is “my spot”. I used to take my breakfast there every day…except the last one, when I took it by the pool. Hehe 😉

The whole hotel has a nice minimal decoration, which is very much my taste, and it’s very new and clean. It also has an “underground” parking for your car.

My experience with the Pearl Bay hotel was absolutely positive, and I can’t wait to revisit Chios, so I can stay there again! Wish I could have stayed more days!

If you’re thinking of visiting Chios island in the future, I totally recommend you stay in this hotel! It’s very close to Chios city, but at the same time far enough to have some peace and quiet. With a lovely beach nearby, and the amazing pool, you can stay there as long as you like. But I recommend you rent a car, to tour the island. There are so many beautiful and picturesque villages you shouldn’t miss.

* I wasn’t paid to write this post. All opinions are 100% mine! I just wanted to share my positive experience with you and possibly help a fellow traveler/tourist to pick a hotel in this beautiful island. *

You can find more info and pics of the hotel on their Facebook page or Facebook Profile.

Stay tuned for my next posts about Chios island! I promise to be back with more beautiful pics. Many new outfit posts are also coming!


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27 comments on “Pearl Bay Hotel – Chios

  1. Hey M! The hotel looks lovely, more like a trendy bar than a hotel! I agree it is so important to pick a good place to stay, it makes your holiday so much more enjoyable! When I visited Greece (Zante) I ended up in the worst hotel ever. No ac, broken fan and a window that didn’t open in a heatwave! Since then I always do my research!
    Looking forward to the rest of your holiday pics! xxx

    • Hey Laura! The hotel was really nice! I was really impressed!
      For me, picking a hotel is one of the most important things! You should always do an online search, and search for hotel photos and reviews…
      Your experience sounds really bad! Can’t imagine being in a heatwave, without A/C or a fan, AND a window that doesn’t open. :/ Sounds terrible!
      To be honest, I didn’t know which city was Zante, until I did a little search! Didn’t even know that the island of Zakynthos is called Zante. Doesn’t sound like a Greek city. I asked my mom though and she says that the local people call it Zante, influenced by the Italians, or something like that. 🙂

  2. Αααχ τι πανέμορφο μέρος και το ξενοδοχείο τέλειο!!! Πόσο θα ήθελα κι εγώ να πάω διακοπές κάπου όμορφα…Πολύ ωραία ανάρτηση κουκλίτσα! xx Menia
    Menia recently posted..Apivita Giveaway!!!My Profile

  3. Den to pistevo oti piges XIOS!!!!! Sou exo pei oti o andras mou einai apo ekei kai kathe xrono pame sto spiti mas ekei to kalokairi???? Tora tha figoume stis 27/7 kai tha girisoume meta tis 15/8!!!!! H Xiou einai ena fovero nisi, me foverous anthropous kai fisikes omorfies!!! Exo pantrevtei ekei se mia eklisia mesa stin Thalassa kai me tin Tourkia apenanti! To spiti mas einai stin poli tis xiou, alla exoume Mastixodendra sto xorio Kalimasia. To oneiro to andra mou einai mia mera na girisoume piso kai na mazevoume mastixa!!!!!
    To xenodexeio prepei na einai kainourgio, den to ixera. Pame poles fores gia mpanio sto Vrontado kai Daskalopetra, alla gia pio exotikes kai alles paralies pame pio makria!!!!! Filia kali mou, mia mera na kanonisoume diakopes sto nisi tis Mastixas!!!!!
    ♥ ♥ Vanda
    vanda recently posted..Orange-Coral shortsMy Profile

    • Vanda mou, den to ixera oti o andras sou einai apo ti Xio! Kai i diki mou katagwgi einai apo ti Xio…ekei gennithike kai megalwse o pateras mou! Distixws to xa episkeftei mono mia fora mexri twra..auti itan i 2i, alla skopevw na tin episkeftomai pio sixna pleon! O pateras mou itan ap’ton Vrontado tis Xiou, kai ekei einai to patriko tou kai menei i aderfi tou me to theio mou kai ta xaderfia mou! Pigame gia to gamo tis xaderfis mou!
      Pragmati einai para poli wraio nisi! Girisa osa perissotera meri mporesa sto ligosto xrono pou eixame…perasa kai apo Kalimasia kai mou arese para poli! Otan perasete apo Daskalopetra na pate na to deite to xenodoxeio…mporeite na kanete kai mpanio stin pisina tou…kai to proswpiko einai para poli eugeniko kai exipiretiko! Persi ematha oti anoixe, ara einai poli kainourgio…
      Kai fisika, makari kapoia stigmi na kanonisoume diakopes kai na sinantithoume sto nisi mas! 🙂
      Filia polla!

    • I love minimal decoration too! And you’re so right! It’s much more rewarding than going to an agency! I always pick the hotels myself after a lot of search!

  4. That was such an amazing review! I know Taureans like minimalistic environments! It’s really clean and well equipped and the pool looks great! So now I know where to stay in case I ever go to Chios – why not, we never know!
    I got very impressed because the hotel has a PC in the room! Wow, no hotel I know had it! (And I did get to know maaaany!) That is absolutely great!
    Ah, you couldn’t go to the sea, such a pity, but maybe another time – maybe by now you have some plans to go to Chios again soon, not after sooo many years!
    I am very sure the sea must be fantastic!
    So glad you showed the pictures here, it’s always good to know about hotels, helps a lot someone who is looking for them now or for the future!
    Filakia pooollaaaaa!
    Denise recently posted..RememberingMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Denise! I didn’t know that Taureans like minimalistic environments! I thought it was just me! hehe 🙂
      I loved the hotel so much, even before I went there! I found it online, and I was so impressed by the photos and the services! I’ve never seen a PC in a hotel room either! That’s very innovative in my opinion! I hope their businesses go well. They deserve it!
      I’ll try to visit the island more often from now on. It’s only 1 hour by plane, and it’s not so expensive. And now I know where I can stay! 🙂 I definitely want to take T. there as well. 🙂
      I’ll post many pics of the island and the beautiful beaches! I took tons of them! I just have to get them organized! They are so many!
      Filakia polla!

  5. the room looks amazing honestly!it even has one of my most favourite paintings on the wall- if it is Klimt’s kiss that is 🙂
    I m glad you enjoyed Chios – I ve never been but one of my closest friends comes from there so it is one of my target islands!heheh!

    ps) I will spend some time in London before i am reallocated to a new project- which I dont know where it is… tbh, I m just looking forward to summer 😉

    • It is Klimt’s kiss (which I saw last year in Vienna) but it’s actually not a painting, but the LG air condition! 🙂 They make these amazing ACs that look like paintings..
      You should definitely travel to Chios someday, especially if your friend comes from there. My dad was born and raised there, but unfortunately that’s only the 2nd time I visited.

  6. Poli oraio to ksenodoxeio! Entiposiako design, an kai aplo! Minimalismo agapame alloste! I chios prepei na einai poli omorfo nisi! Den exo paei na sou po tin ali8eia, alla exo akousei ta kalitera! Poli tha i8ela na pao kapoia stigmi, an kai gia fetos protimisa tin omorfi Kriti…tin opoia kai tha apoxoristo mesa stis epomenes meres kai to exo parei poli varia!hahahhaha! Elpizo na pernas omorfa! Filakia polla!

    Lot’s of love!
    christina/ recently posted..Paris Haute Couture: Τάσεις Μακιγιάζ Που ΞεχώρισανMy Profile

  7. It’s so good that you share this, because it’s so hard to get a good idea of a hotel when you have never been there before! Of course the website always looks a lot better than in real life!! So far I have been really lucky with hotels, especially in Greece I stayed in such lovely ones, but like you I do a lot of research as well. I think next time I might do the same as you, since it will be really helpful for someone 😉

    Steph recently posted..Black and WhiteMy Profile

    • You are right, the websites can be tricky! I always do a lot of search before I book my vacation.
      You should do it! We’d love to see the places you visited and the hotels you stayed in, especially if it was a place you recommend.

  8. Ουαου! Λατρευω τη μινιμαλ διακοσμηση και τα χρωματα αυτα.. ειναι πιο καθαρο και ξεκουραστο στο ματι! Πραγματικα πολυ ωραιο ξενοδοχειο. Αν παω Χιο σιγουρα θα το εχω στο μυαλο μου;-)

    Beautyincrisis recently posted..Beauty with Heart – The Body ShopMy Profile

    • Kai egw latrevw ti minimal diakosmisi…den mporw na iperfortwmena dwmatia! Simfwnw apolita!
      Xairomai pou sou arese! Einai pragmatika iperoxo! Kai auto, kai olokliri i Xios…kai tha to deite sintoma kai sta post mou!

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