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6 July, 2012

Last month, I joined the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by, where I have to “save” all my shoes by wearing each pair at least once in duration of a year. If you’re wondering why, or if you simply want to read the rules in case you want to join as well (yes you can join whenever you like), you can click here. In order to join the challenge, I had to count my shoes, to find the total number…Also as an extra (optional) step, all who join are asked to take photographs of their shoe collection/shoe closet, simply for the joy of eye candy.

I counted 56 pairs then, (I have a few more, but I didn’t want them to be part of this challenge for personal reasons), but as you know my collection grew to 59 pairs last month. But let’s take it from the beginning…

This is my shoe collection of 56 pairs…

From left to right, horizontally or you can read the numbers (if you can’t read them, just click the image to enlarge it):

– 1. Gianfranco Ferre boots, 2. Tommy Hilfiger mustard/camel suede boots, 3. Local store black leather boots (seen before in this post), 4. Local store boots, 5. Local store purple suede boots, 6. Local store teal suede boots.

– 7. Bershka gray ¾ boots, 8. Killah black leather booties, 9. Minelli gray suede ankle boots (bought from Paris some years ago), 10. Dexim navy/white cork and fabric wedges, 11. Kalogirou navy/tan espadrilles, 12. Exe black wedges, 13. Fullah Sugah platform mary-jane pumps (seen before here)

– 14. Tsakiris Mallas nude patent pumps with black brogue heels (seen before here) (worn in a post here), 15. Tsakiris Mallas cork pumps with mesh panels (seen before in this post)(worn before here and here), 16. Tsakiris Mallas color block sandals (seen before in this post), 17. Steve Madden Dynemite mint green sandals (seen in this post)(worn before here and here), 18. Zara green pumps with gold heels (seen here)(worn before here), 19. Zara nude pumps, 20. Guess classic leather black pumps.

– 21. Buffalo Addison mary-jane peep-toe pumps (seen before here)(worn here), 22. Brandolini sandals, here, 23. Zara skakeskin pumps, 24. Aslanis heels, 25. D&G nude peep-toe pumps (seen before here), 26. D&G blue slingback peep-toe pumps, 27. D&G bow sandals.

– 28. Terra Plana leather black pumps with wooden heels, 29. Bershka grey pumps, 30. Zara mint green pumps, 31. Bershka grey/silver pointed pumps, 32. Zara pink suede heels with rose gold toe caps (seen here)(worn here), 33. Marks & Spencer suede burgundy pumps, 34. Capodarte leather peep-toe pumps (worn here).

– 35. Zara cobalt blue pointed kitten heels, 36. Local shop brown pointed pumps, 37. Hispanitas black leather pointed pumps with pin heels, 38. Hispanitas black leather pointed pumps, 39. Miss Sixty leather low heeled sandals, 40. Elize (local brand) yellow leather sandals, 41. Killah folding flats, 42. Café Noir B&W flats, here.

– 43. Local shop red flat sandals with sequins, 44. Arte Piedi black flats sandals, 45. Arte Piedi silver flat sandals, 46. Elite sandals, 47. Local store plastic flat sandals (bought last year in Chalkidiki), 48. Olvia turquoise suede flat sandals (worn here), 49. Killah white peep-toe flats, 50. Minelli grey suede flats.

– 51. Local store flat sandals, 52. Asics Onitsuka Tiger sneakers, 53. Converse All-stars, 54. Puma mostro sneakers, 55. Puma red sneakers, 56. Puma pink/black/white sneakers.

Since the photos were taken 3 more pairs were added to my collection. You can see them here and here.

And here’s a close up of some of my favorite shoes!

So what did you think of my shoe collection? Did you like it? Do you have any favorites? Do tell! 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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48 comments on “My shoe collection

    • hehe You have good taste…
      My favorite ones are no. 14-27…those two rows…Must have to do with the fact that they have the highest heels.

  1. This collection is amaaaazing! I love your collection! Yes, I have a favotite one! The Tsakiris Mallas color block sandals! I wish I could wear them, they are sooo my style, colorful; very good taste you have, you know this! (Well, you know I like your taste and style – elegant!)
    In fact I like all the Tsakiris Mallas you have, eager to buy one for me! And all the blue/turquoise shoes! I can’t really decide, cause now I thought “the nude ones too!” So, as you see, I liked the whole collection!
    Filakia poooollaaaa!
    Denise recently posted..DarknessMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Denise! The Tsakiris Mallas colorblock sandals, and the newest green Buffalo ones, are the only ones I haven’t managed to wear just yet, but I’m really looking forward to do so.
      If you ever come to Thessaloniki, I’ll definitely take you to a Tsakiris Mallas store…They have a great selection and wide range of shoes. I’m sure you’ll find lots to like….
      hehe I’m so glad you liked my collection! Means a lot coming from you, that you have so many shoes….You know I don’t judge…I’m just jealous! hehe
      Filakia pollaaaa!!! 🙂

    • hehe mou fige ligo i mesi gia na ta kouvalisw ola ekei gia ti fwtografisi, alla ta katafera….Tou Aslani ta agapw kai egw poli! Tha ta deis poli sintoma kai se outfit post, giati ta eixa mazi mou sti Xio! 🙂

    • No, you’re not a boring shoe person, you just have other priorities in your life! With 8 children, it’s only natural. Your priorities are different and that’s totally fine! 🙂

  2. You have so big shoe collection. I think I don’t have even half of your shoe 🙂 I don’t have space for my new shoes, so I keep wearing my oldones 🙂

    xoxo Ra
    Ramona recently posted..simple & classyMy Profile

    • It’s not a bad thing to still wear your old ones. I do it as well. I have many old ones in this collection! I just bought many more shoes during this last year….I blame Zara, as that’s where most of the new ones come from. heheh I’m having trouble as well with the space though….

  3. the challenge sounds totally cool! I’d love to join, I sometimes forget some of my shoes even exist! You have great pairs! Been so m.i.a and busy at school, but now that is over, I’m back!

    Cess O. <3

    • Welcome back Cess, and once again congrats on your graduation!
      You should totally join the Challenge if you’re facing the same problem. It will definitely help you wear more of your shoes….
      Thank you so much!

    • Thank you so much! hahaha no, they’re not, and it was really tiring to move them all to the stairs to take these photos for the Challenge! Most of them, live in the family’s shoe closet, where we all keep our shoes…Just a small cabinet next to the stairs….and the rest of them, live in my closet, in order to keep them clean and in their boxes, protected! 🙂

  4. OMG! Soooo many shoes! I wonder what my shoes would look like if I get them out of the closet! 😉 By the way, where do you keep all of them? I already have a problem of spece in my room…
    As for my favorites, I would have to say number 21! The red mary janes!
    katoula recently posted..Heartlines.My Profile

    • Thank you! hehe You should gather them all and take a picture to show us! Or if you have many of them, you could also join the Challenge…It helps a lot.
      Most of them, live in the family’s shoe closet, where we all keep our shoes…Just a small cabinet next to the stairs….and the rest of them, live in my closet, in order to keep them clean and protected in their boxes! 🙂

  5. haha a very fun post 🙂 i have to count them as well although i doubt i have more than 10 here in uk – my collection increases if I go back to Greece..alas, I could not carry more with me..

  6. this is a great collection! you have variety. my collections is mostly browns, blacks and taupes and leopards….i definitely need more color!

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