New in: Céline luggage tote look-alike & Zara peplum top

27 August, 2012

Last week, when I was in the city center for a doctor’s appointment, I decided to take a look at a few bag-stores I had visited, when trying to find the perfect clutch for my cousin’s wedding last June. I had “discovered” some interesting models, and wanted to see if there was anything good left on sale. And I was in luck because there were only a few colors left for the model I wanted. I quickly picked the dark red/burgundy one among them, and purchased it happily for a fraction of its original price. Genuine leather, made in Italy, by the company Il Giglio, the perfect look-alike to my latest obsession: the Céline luggage tote. Couldn’t be happier to bring it home with me!

The size is “medium”, not too small, but not very large. Perfect for every day! I guess you’ll see me wearing it a lot next season.


These photos were taken in bright daylight, so the colors look a lot bolder than in real life.

My cat Moira kept me company, as I was photographing my new things! Isn’t she cute?

Later I visited Zara at Mediterranean Cosmos mall, and went home with a red peplum top from Trafaluc. I already have an outfit on my mind. We’ll see!


My cousin and her husband were visiting from Chios last weekend, so we were out of the house most of the time! This means that unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to photograph any of my outfits.  I also bought a few more things I want to share with you, but didn’t have time to shoot for today’s post. So I’m going to show them to you on my next one, and I’ll try to take some photos of one of my outfits really soon!

What do you think of my latest purchases? Do you like them?

I didn’t have many red items in my wardrobe so I think I’ll wear these a lot in the future.


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27 comments on “New in: Céline luggage tote look-alike & Zara peplum top

  1. your cat is soooo cute! and i love the peplum top. not sure about the bag for me it is a bit too ‘square’ but love the practicality of it 😉 red is one of my favourite colours, though i never wear it much my apartment is red and black! hope you had a nice time with your cousin x
    Steph recently posted..Knock on the SkyMy Profile

    • Thank you Steph! I don’t have many red items in my wardrobe, but I decided to change this.
      The bag is very similar to the Celine luggage tote but it doesn’t have the “ears” that the original has, which makes it look so square. But I don’t have a problem with it. I like it.
      My cat rarely looks at the camera when I take pictures of her, so I had to post them. hehe

    • Einai foveri i Celine, etsi den einai? Einai omws panakrivi i atimi, kai gia tin wra mia xara mou kanei kai auti! 🙂 Nai ontws imoun poli tixeri pou epesa panw tis…Den perimena na vrw kati paromoio me ti Celine stin Ellada. Exei kapoies diafores, alla den me peirazei katholou…hehe

  2. Loved the color – style AND color (looove it!) and the peplum blouse – aso the style and the color, you know how much I love it!
    So good to buy things we want for a good price! You were really lucky, so good!
    I loved the way you photographed the new bag and blouse, very beautiful garden! I love flowers, you know, and I’m sure you love them too!
    The one who is even sweeter than the new beauties you bought is Moira! She is really very very cute! Love her eyes!
    Filakia pollaaaaa!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 50My Profile

    • Thank you Denise! My mother takes care of the garden, it’s her passion! She loves working in the garden. So sad that summer comes to an end, and there won’t be any “green” for photos in winter.
      I’m so glad I found that bag, it’s really similar, and since the original is very expensive, that will have to do for now.
      Moira is my little baby! Love her! 🙂
      Filakia pollaaaa!!!

  3. Listen carefully, I will say this ONLY once:


    I think you understood!!!a dream, really a dream the bag & purse!!!!!!L-O-V-E!!!!
    Vanda recently posted..Urban Cool!My Profile

    • hahaha thank you so much Vanda!
      Wish I could share them with you! You can find the top at Zara, it’s very inexpensive.
      As for the bag I bought at a local shop for a very good price. Maybe you can check some stores in your area that sell imported bags from Italy.

  4. με γειαα!! πολυ ομορφο το χρωμα κ ειναι μια χαρα χωρις να δωσεις μια περιουσια!!πηρα κ γω μια σε στιλ satchel αλλα απο το fullah sugah θα την ποσταρω συντομα το θεμα ειναι να ειναι τσαντες καλης ποιοτητας κ οχι fake απο εκει κ περα δεν κανουν τα πολλα μηδενικα το στιλ..
    φιλακια κουκλα μου να τα χαρεις!
    caramellitsa recently love with my -men’s- London T-shirt …My Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Evi! Perasa kai afisa ena comment sto teleutaio sou post! Alla exafanistike molis patise publish! Elpizw na min svistike…mporei na mpike sta spam sou gia kapoio logo!

  5. I hope your cousin is fine. I read about the fire that spread through several villages. I spent 5 days there many many years ago. It was a wonderful adventure. Your Celine lookalike bag looks remarkably similar to the real thing. Your cat reminds me of mine which had a wonderful personality.
    chocolatecookiesandcandies recently posted..St Ives, CornwallMy Profile

    • Thank you! My cousin is fine. She lives in the capital of Chios island and thankfully the fire didn’t reach her town. I think that they managed to put it out. Although the disaster is big, and many villages were burnt. The wind didn’t help with the situation.

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