7 September, 2012

Last Sunday we invited my brother and his wife for brunch. It was more like a breakfast and less like a lunch, but we were only 4 people so we couldn’t have a larger variety of food. We’ve been meaning to do this brunch for a long time now. You see, we bought a waffle maker about a year ago, and hadn’t tested it until now. It was the end of the summer, the temperatures had dropped enough, and my brother and sister-in-law weren’t going anywhere out of town for the weekend, so it was the perfect chance to finally arrange it. I woke up at 8am, something that rarely happens since I’m not working, and I hate waking up early, and headed to the kitchen to start the preparations. 3 hours later, we were ready, and waiting for them to come. Be ready for lots of food pics…Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

 The menu consisted of: waffles (with a selection of ice cream, strawberries, honey, nutella, peanut butter, marmalade, whipped cream, and 2 kinds of cookie crumble to choose from, as toppings), scrambled eggs, cocktail sausages, warm tomatoes and mushrooms, toasted bread with cheese and turkey slices, and 2 danishes. The refreshments were fresh-squeezed lemonade, and orange juice.

While preparing the food we started setting the table. Until one by one, all dishes were on it.

A full table

Danish with cream cheese and cinnamon, a recipe taken from Megan’s blog…A variation of the recipe I used at my mom’s birthday party.

And another danish, this time with strawberries instead of raspberries.

My favorite breakfast, scrambled eggs with mini sausages…. I could eat it every day, but it’s not that healthy…

Our first homemade waffles….The recipe said it makes 8 waffles, but we made 12 instead. They were, way too many for us.

And of course, if you’re going to be a piggy, do it the right way. This is my waffle for the day (and maybe for the next 2 days after that) *whistling*. This piggy is on an urgent need of a diet. And I’m not exaggerating…Someone stop feeding me… Oh who, am I kidding, I should stop eating like a crazy person, and I’ll probably be all right.

Anyway, this was our brunch! I’m sorry if I made you hungry again, but I had to share it with you! Hope you liked it! See you soon with another post.


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20 comments on “Brunching

  1. Oh my God, that waffle at the end!!!!! If you didn’t manage to kill me too bad with the other photos, that last one did…. Why does it look so incredibly delicious and perfect?!?!?! I think I need to go to the kitchen and start making waffles out of nothing ASAP hahaha!
    Great photos and great food, you’re a true artist!
    Fashionthroughtravel recently posted..Travel Series: Paris (I)My Profile

    • hehe sooo sorry! It was indeed delicious! But I can tell you why it looks so delicious and perfect: because it has sooo many calories. Everything that looks so delicious is usually filled with calories. That’s why I need to start a diet really soon!
      Thank you sooo much! It seems that I love my food almost as much I love my shoes! hehe

  2. Please I need some waffles now! Or a danish with strawberries!!! (i love strawberries!) Scrambled eggs are very good, I just don’t eat sausages, but eggs I eat sometimes! This looks like a great brunch! I’m sure you had lots of fun!
    I know what you mean, I do feel kind of fat and people say “no, you are not, look at your waist”, but my waist alone is not helping me looking at myself in the mirror feeling “hey, now I feel wow!” So, no matter what people tell you, it’s your opinion tha counts. I’m telling you this, because I will say it again – no, you don’t need a diet! You look fabulous! – but as I said, it’s your opinion that counts!
    Taureans like food, it’s a characteristic, not a deffect… and you cook so well, I am sure, so enjoy the amazing dishes!
    Filakia pollaaaaa!
    (Ah, the makeup spray was good! I posted pics on the blog!)
    Denise recently posted..Brother, shoes, earrings and spray!My Profile

    • hehe Wish I could send you some, but they won’t taste so good when they reach you! Very long distance! I love scrambled eggs! And of course by now I know that you don’t eat meat, but I think we could find many things without meat to make for you if you ever decide to come here.
      It’s exactly as you say, but my close friends and family can definitely see that I gained many kilos, and I should start a diet. I need to lose at least 5-7 but it will take months to lose them. I don’t lose weight so easily, but unfortunately I can gain it very fast.
      You know me well, I love food so this makes it much more difficult. But at least I have to try!
      I’ll go read your post about the make up spray now! Glad that it works.
      Filakia polla!!!

  3. OH MY GOD!
    I love food even more than clothes and all that.. Specially sweets and the kind of food of your brunch.. I just read this post and I’ve not eaten yet! Can I go to your next bruch, please? haha

    Kisses (:
    moni <3
    Mónica 🙂 recently posted..Too much free timeMy Profile

  4. breakfast is my absolute favorite. i don’t get to eat it much since i’m always on the go, but whenever we go out for special occasions, i try to make it brunch! i love waffles, too. the food looks delicious.
    oomph. recently variety.My Profile

  5. Ψήνω κοτόπουλο τώρα και θα με κάνεις να το βγάλω ωμό για να το φάω!!!:D Χώρια που με κάνεις να σκέφτομαι πιο πολύ τη μαμά μου – που ήδη μου λείπει! – και τα φαγητά της……:(:(:(

    Chrysa recently posted..Bare skinMy Profile

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