My month in pics – October 2012

29 October, 2012

I was going to leave this post for Wednesday, but since the weather isn’t helping, and I can’t take any photos in the rain, I decided to do it now. Hopefully, the rain will eventually stop, and I’ll have the chance to take some photos for the blog. Until then, here’s what happened during October, in case you missed anything.

From left to right: VFNO Thessaloniki 2012 – The outfit, Put a cherry on top, Game of Colors, Black & Yellow, Black minimalism, Casual afternoon, Fall-ing for mint, and First autumn leaves.

These are the outfits I showed on the blog in October. I really liked all of them, some more than others. You know I like to dress up, so you know which ones I liked the most.

I decided to be a good girl this month, and I didn’t buy anything at all. I stayed away from all shops, since I’m trying to save some money for my upcoming trip to London.  But if you’re interested in some eye candy, you can always take a look at my nail polish collection I shared with you this month (If you haven’t already seen it).

I’m glad that I managed to show you so many outfits this month. I’m doing my best to take photos of my outfits, even if the light isn’t helping anymore. And the time change just made it even worse. I totally hate having to take my photos indoors, but when I have to choose between taking my outfit photos indoors or having no photos/posts to show you at all, of course I’ll have to choose indoors.

This month, I didn’t save many pairs of shoes, but my goal was to wear as many of my summer pairs (that I didn’t have the chance to enjoy as much as I wanted to) as possible, before the weather gets colder. And I’m happy to report, I succeeded. 🙂

These, however, are the ones I DID save in October, according to the rules of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by

#31: Zara nude pumps, #32: Elite low-heeled flip-flop style sandals, #33: Timeless toe-cap pumps (which were my latest purchase) and #34: Killah peep-toe flats.

I also had the chance to re-wear my Buffalo Addison mary-jane pumps (saved here), my Zara colorblock sandals (saved here), my Buffalo black Dasia sandals (saved here), my Zara TRF mint pumps (saved here), and my minelli suede flats.

So, what do you think? Which was your favorite outfit of this month?

P.S. Since October was the month for breast cancer awareness, I thought it would be nice to make these collages in pink. 😉

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23 comments on “My month in pics – October 2012

    • Aww I’ve already did some shopping for November! But I stayed away all October, and I really needed some things. You’ll see what I bought on one of my next posts.
      I’m so glad that I’ve been an inspiration to you! So nice to hear that. 🙂 Good luck with your challenge!

    • At last, somebody who sympathizes with me. This cold weather isn’t the best for us who want to dress up and look elegant. I feel like an onion with so many layers on during winter.
      Thank you so much for your comment and your support. 🙂

  1. τι ωραιο κολλαζ!!
    χμ..ολα πολυ ωραια αυτο που σου ειχα πει παντως το πουκαμισο κ το LBD ειναι τα αγπημενα μου!!
    ευχομαι κ ο νοεμβριος σου να ειναι ετσι τοσο στυλατος 😉

    caramellitsa recently trip to Stockholm …My Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Caramellitsa mou! Gia na pw tin alitheia to poumamiso einai ligo makri gia na forethei me tzin, to protimw me shorts tin anoixi/kalokairi, otan o kairos to epitrepei, alla to LBD to foraw xeimwna kalokairi me ‘i xwris kalson.

    • S’euxaristw poli Elsa! Tha prospathisw na kanw oti kalitero mporw…Giati otan kriwnei o kairos ntinomai pio casual gia na kratithw zesti, kai ta casual outfit mou einai arketa boring sto mialo mou! Protimw to pio “kalo” ntisimo, opws tha exeis paratirisei…xixi Sigoura omws tha deite kai xeimerina…
      Filakia polla!

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