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31 October, 2012

Those of you, who follow me on Facebook and Twitter, know that I had a delivery on Monday. As promised, I took photos of the package and its content so I could share it with you here. This time, after lots of thinking, I decided to buy a pair of biker boots. I’ve been meaning to buy a pair of biker boots for a long time, but hadn’t found the right pair, until now. At first I had my eyes on another pair, but my size kept being sold out, and somewhere in between I changed my mind, and decided to get a shorter and cheaper pair, which I like even more.

These babies are from the brand Casual Attitude, and they’re real leather.

I also liked their box and the company’s logo, so here it is as well.

I already wore these around the house, and even if at first they were a bit narrow around my toes, they are really comfortable and warm. I think they’ve already won a place in my suitcase to London.

Moira seems to like them too. Look how she’s staring at the box.

I wanted to take more photos of them to show you here, but let’s be honest: even though they’re practical and pretty enough, they’re not heels, so I don’t see the point in taking photos from different angles. And I’m sure you’ll see them on my feet really soon, in one of my outfit posts.

Now, let’s end this post with some “outtakes”.

Moira seems to be very interested in my new biker boots. Photo bombing all the way!

“What do you mean, I can’t bite your new boots?”

“Oh, ok, maybe I’ll scratch them or stick my nails in them!”

“NO? Oh, ok then! I’ll just rub myself on their box”

Moira kept photobombing all of my pictures…she was really disobedient yesterday. She wouldn’t even let me take the boots away from her…She tried to scratch me and she’s usually very cute and friendly. Maybe it wasn’t her day either.

So, what do you think about my new boots? Like them? Waiting for your comments…


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29 comments on “New in: Casual Attitude biker boots via

  1. Ah, what a funny post with these great photos!! Your cat is something else!!!!
    The boots, really nice, can’t wait to see a look with those! I am also wiating a parcel from Mango… will see it soon!
    vanda recently posted..Romantic moodMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Evi! Sto exei poli megali poikilia apo biker boots. Oi dikes mou stoixisan ligotero apo 100 eurw…kai exei sixna kai polles prosfores/ekptwseis kai dwrokouponia pou mporeis na kerdiseis me diaforous tropous.
      Xairomai pou sou arese i gatoula mou! 🙂

  2. Poly wraies oi mpotes kai sigoura 8a se volepsoun poly olo to Xeimwna! Kala i gatoula exei klepsei tin parastasi! ‘H einai mixanovia ‘h trelenete gia ton papoutsomeno gato! Xaxa!

    Polla filia
    Elsa recently posted..Halfway to SanityMy Profile

    • hahaha den to skeftika etsi! Les na einai mixanovia? Kai twra teleutaia den mazevetai katholou..Olo exw thelei na einai…
      Xairomai pou sou aresan…Pistevw kai egw oti tha me volepsun poli, eidika sto taxidi mou stin Agglia.

  3. Hey M! Just been having a catch up of your blog so now I’m up to date. I’m so excited for you that you are visiting London! How long are you staying? You will love love love it, especially the shops! I reccommend you visit the fasion and textile museum ( or the dress collection at the museum of london, I think you’d enjoy either. Glad you are treating yourself to a trip after all the hard work of looking after your Mom, and just in time to do your christmas shopping!
    Love your new boots, they look both stylish and comfortable, perfect for your trip. Also Moira looks so cute in these pics, she sounds like a proper little diva and a definite attention seeker! xx

    • Hey Laura! Always nice to see you back! I’ll be there from Nov. 23rd-28th. 4 full days…I’ll try to squeeze in as many things as possible. We just booked a hotel, and we’re really excited because I was getting really stressed with the whole thing. Finding a nice hotel for a good price, is very difficult and exhausting. I’ve heard that London is expensive but never imagined how much.
      Thank you so much for the recommendations. I don’t know if my company would be interested in these museums but I’ll ask them. My cousin actually proposed the trip, and as both I and my bf love traveling, jumped at this “opportunity”. I hope I have enough space in my suitcase for some Christmas shopping because Ryanair has very strict rules about luggage, and I’ve never traveled with this company before.
      hahaha Sometimes she is a diva and an attention seeker. Other times she’s the sweetest cat in the world! It depends. Siamese cats are not known for being super friendly, but she’s like a dog. Always running behind us, wherever we go around the house. She loves having company.
      I’m glad you liked the boots. I’m definitely taking them in London. I’m sure I’ll be really comfortable in them! 🙂

  4. Πολύ ωραία μποτάκια, καθημερινά και βολικά! Καλά η Moira τα λάτρεψε, όπως κι εγώ! Περιμένω να τα δω και φορεμένα! 🙂

    Ελένη xoxo

    • S’euxaristw para poli Eleni! Nai ta pira gia na min foraw tis psiles mou mpotes pali gia kathe mera…Xreiazomoun ena zeugari xamiles…kai epsaxna kairo na vrw to idaniko gia mena.
      Xairomai pou sou aresan! Eimai sigouri oti tha ta deis foremena poli sintoma…

    • Xairomai pou moirazomaste tin idia agapi gia ta papoutsia! Nai kai egw apo persi epsaxna to idaniko zeugari gia mena…Eimai sigouri oti sto tha vreis kapoia pou na sou tairiazei, giati exei polli megali poikilia…

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