First autumn leaves | Outfit post

26 October, 2012

I think the weather is getting colder these days. I could feel it the night I returned home after we had taken these photos! Days are still pretty warm, but when the sun goes down the temperatures drop. My trusty long cardigan couldn’t keep me warm enough. I think it’s finally time to bring out the trench coats and jackets for this season, even here in Greece. This “long summer” has been fun, but it can’t stay forever. These days, I’m dressing really casual. I find this season really tricky. You can’t wear summer clothes, but you can’t wear winter clothes either. I have some fall pieces, but the trickiest part is the shoes for me. Too cold to wear sandals, to warm to wear boots…Usually in these cases, I choose to wear my ballerinas.

Top: Paranoia (worn again in this outfit), jeans: Zara, bag: D&G, flats: minelli, sunglasses: Ray-Ban folding wayfarers, necklace: H&M, watch: Esprit.

The first fallen leaves are here, to welcome autumn.

I’ve saved these flats according to the rules of Shoeper Shoe Challenge, in this post.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Have fun, and see you again on Monday! 🙂


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26 comments on “First autumn leaves | Outfit post

    • S’euxaristw poli! episis! Kai perastika sou! Kai egw eixa ponolaimo prin liges meres alla eutixws emeine ekei kai den exelixthike se sinaxi…
      Filakia polla!

  1. Loved all you wore, and you definitely lost weight! The flats are soo sweet! You look amazing! We have to think of what to wear in London – I’ll check what I was wearing last November, but here you will have plenty of options to go home with something new in the suitcase 🙂
    Still in bed – now I started getting soooo bored!
    Filakia polla!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Cold, recovering, Challenge # 62My Profile

    • hehe I hope enough space for shopping in my suitcase. I’ll have to think what to take with me. I’ll need some warm but versatile pieces. I’ll try thinking it later in November. 🙂
      We’ll talk through emails. 😉
      Filakia polla!

    • Giati vre den antexeis allo? Den eixe kai TOSI zesti mesa ston oktwvri! Emena mia xara mou irthe…twra diladi pou arxisame na kriwnoume kalitera einai? Egw den antexw to krio… 🙁
      Se euxaristw para poli gia ta kala sou logia pantws! Min ksehaseis na mou peis pote mporeis na pame gia kafe na ta poume!
      Filakia polla!

    • S’euxaristw poli ! To fthinopwro kai tin anoixi ntinomai sinithws arketa casual gia dio logous…Prwton, den exw allaxei akoma ta rouxa stin ntoulapa mou, apo kalokairina se xeimwniatika kai to antitheto. Kai deuteron giati pote den kserw ti papoutsia na foresw m’auton ton periergo kairo.
      Filakia polla!

    • Xairomai pou sou aresan oi leptomeries tou outfit. Ithela na valw kati na to kanei ligotero casual. Ksereis oti m’aresei na ntinomai pio “kala” sinithws. To casual den einai to forte mou..panta to evriska boring, gia to diko mou stil toulaxiston…

  2. Τέλειο το κολιέ και η λεπτομέρεια στη μπλουζα! Μου αρέσει πάρα πολύ το μπλογκ σου!

    Ελένη xoxo

  3. i would love to experience some of that cold weather! our nights can get chilly, but it’s during the day that it would be nice to have the opportunity to layer up~

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