Travel | London Day 4

17 December, 2012

Day 4 in London started with a subway ride to Buckingham palace. It was the worst day of all 4, weather-wise. It was raining, the wind was going crazy, my umbrella kept turning inside out, and I couldn’t take proper photos, something that spoiled my mood. We could have done many things that day, but it was impossible to go to Hyde Park, and other places as we had planned, so after taking some photos near Buckingham palace we headed to Oxford Street. No I didn’t shopped till I dropped as you would have imagined. On the contrary, I didn’t really shop much. But we’ll get to that.

Westminster Chapel on the way to Buckingham palace.

The Diana Princess of Wales memorial walk. Wish we could walk a lot more near Buckingham Palace. The weather was a huge turn-off for everything that day! 🙁

Near the gate

St.James Park

Jubilee Greenway tile

Victoria Memorial

Buckingham Palace

 In front of Green Park…The gate of Green Park (Canada Gate) is amazing.

One of Queen’s Guards outside Buckingham palace

Me with Buckingham palace on the background

We left Buckingham Palace in a hurry because the rain was getting stronger again, and headed to Oxford Street for some “shopping”, but we decided to have a break at Starbucks to get a bit of warmth. I tasted the famous Gingerbread Latte for the first time. Quite good!

We “hit” many stores, and I also bought a dress among a few that I tried on from Dorothy Perkins (which I’m sure you’ll see really soon), but my favorite place of all was Selfridges. We stayed there for a while, looking at clothes, bags, shoes, and brands that I had never seen up close before (only online), and I spent some time at Christian Louboutin’s corner, trying on some red spiked Lady Peeps. T. made sure not to let me take out my card to buy anything, as he was previously instructed (however, I’m sure he would have done it anyway). But, let me tell you, I fell in love! They made my legs look longer and thinner, and they were SO beautiful to see in real life and not from behind a computer screen. One day I’ll come back for a pair. Be assured!

Last night in London

We made sure to visit Primark, which had many nice things but was so crowded I wanted to cry, and go back home. I hate big crowds! By that time I was so tired, and felt like I needed some oxygen, so T. bought what he wanted and we left for Piccadilly Circus to buy something for a friend. I shouldn’t have left it at last minute, because I could have had more time to look around many other shops in Oxford Street and other nearby streets, but I was so tired and stressed out, and in the end it was all for nothing since the jersey he wanted was sold out. I could have done so many things that day. I feel like I let it pass without doing anything important, but at least I did many things the previous days. Maybe next time….I hope there’s going to be one.

We decided to go to a “familiar” place for dinner this time. I’m talking about TGI Friday’s of course. We were curious to see if everything was the same as ours. Nope, not at all the same! Almost all dishes were different. Let’s see what we got.

A NY Strip steak for T. You must know by now that it’s his favorite dish, and he doesn’t like changes when it comes to that. With wild mushroom sauce, crispy fries and cheesy mash as sides…2 sides and a sauce in this price! Ours only have 1 side and no sauce.

Friday’s Jack Daniel’s Burger for me…I’ve never tried ours, but I know it’s different. And the Jack Daniel’s sauce was stronger. I didn’t like it that much!

A. already had dinner so she only ordered a Blackberry Caipiroska, which, as she informed us, was really good.

 We much preferred the food from “our” TGI Friday’s in Greece, but our waitress Michelle, was amazing. She was very smiley, and really good at her job, and made us feel like we were at home. She also kindly offered to take mine and T.’s picture, and she took 3 of them which were really good. So, thank you Michelle. 🙂

We didn’t leave without ordering a dessert first. Apple Waffle Crunch….Delicious!

We ended the night at Cool Britannia, where we did our souvenir shopping for friends and family. I also got a nice hoodie, which I love, and which you’ll see really soon on a new outfit post.

That was the last of our days in London. Wish they were more. After that, we went to our hotel to pack our suitcases, and get ready for the “trip” to airport next morning. At 6 in the afternoon, we were already in Greece.

I hope you liked my London posts. In case you haven’t read the previous ones, you can click in the following links to do so: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

Have a great week, and see you all very soon….


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15 comments on “Travel | London Day 4

  1. Τι όμορφες φώτο είναι αυτές. Ταξιδεύω μαζί σου βρε κούκλα. Αχ υπέροχα πέρασε. Χριστούγεννα πού θα κάνεις; Φιλάκια πολλά και να περνάς σούπερ!

    Μη ξεχνάτε τον ΔΙΑΓΩΝΙΣΜΟ μας! Πάρτε μέρος τώρα!

    Lot’s of love!

    • Xairomai pou to akouw! Poli m’aresei na moirazomai mazi sas fwtografies apo ta taxidia mou! 🙂
      Xristougenna tha kanw sti Thessaloniki, opws panta! Tipota idiaitero, oikogeneiaka!
      Filakia polla Christina!

  2. The amazing rainy London! Πωπω! Τα πιατα δειχνουν πεντανόστιμα και ειδικά το γλυκό!Μμμμμ!

    Πολλά φιλάκια Μ μου
    Elsa recently posted..These Boots…My Profile

    • hehe s’euxaristw poli Elsa mou gia ola sou ta sxolia! Ax den mporw na min ta vgazw fwtografies ta fagita…kai as peinaw meta kathe fora pou ta vlepw! hehe 🙂
      Filakia polla!

      P.S. Ontws ta kerina omoiwmata sto Tussaud itan poli petiximena..mono tou brand pitt kai tis angelina itan xalia!

    • S’euxaristw poli Zoi! Exw agapi me to fagito, kai ithela na valw kai tetoies fwto! 🙂
      Kai egw rwtousa se kapoia magazia, alla kiriws kafe, kai estiatoria….sto selfridges den rwtisa, alla ipethesa oti den epitrepotan…meta to metaniwsa, eprepe toulaxiston na dokimasw, giati to ti eida ekei mesa den perigrafetai…hehe
      Sto notting hill pigame eutixws tis prwtes meres…ithela poli na to dw!
      Tha perimenw to post sou me tis vitrines loipon!
      Filia polla! 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear that you had so terrible weather that day. we get now and then that kind of weather her in Ireland as well. But in photos it doesn’t shows, all photos are nice. Gosh, and food photos made me hungry. Yum 🙂

    xoxo Ra
    Ramona recently posted..Instant Pick Me UpMy Profile

    • Yes, it’s sad, but at least, we got to see many other places the previous days! The weather was indeed horrible the last day! It doesn’t seem so much like it in the photos, but I had much trouble taking photos while holding my umbrella which was being taken away by the wind and rain, and kept turning inside out every few seconds…Terrible! My lens got rain all over it. Arghhh…..And because of that we had to stop the rest of sightseeing we had planned for that day!
      Glad you liked my photos! Thank you so much! 🙂

  4. hello hello! Μια χαρά βλέπω ότι περάσατε στας Βρετανίας! Αυτό με τα καταστήματα και τον κόσμο είναι το χειρότερό μου… μιλάμε για κρίσεις πανικού… περιμένω το hoodie και το φόρεμα DP! Πολλά φιλάκια xxx

    p.s. Ξαναπήγα στο

    • Nai nai mia xara ola! Ligo o kairos mas ta xalase, alla den peirazei, akoma kai etsi prolavame na doume polla….nai kai egw kapou ekei konta eimai me ton kosmo…Travousa ton T. na figoume, giati den antexa allo sti zougla… Btw to mono meros pou sinantisame posous ellines mazemenous to Primark…I ftinia trwei ton para!
      To hoodie tha to deis aurio! 😛
      Kala pou mou to eipes, giati se eixa kanei follow sto wordpress pali kai exasa ta teleutaia sou post….otan vrw xrono tha ta diavasw, giati simera me exei trelanei to internet mesa-exw, den mporw na kanw tipota..einai tragiko!

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