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Almost a month after my last post was written on my blog, here I am again, to share some of my London memories with you. As you might remember, it wasn’t the first time we visited London, since we visited it again back in 2012. As the second time around, and after 8 years had passed, we wanted to visit not only the places we had previously visited, but also some of the ones we didn’t have the time to visit back then. I’m only going to post a fraction of the photos I took while we were there, and that’s because I vlogged the whole experience and you can watch it in the video down below. The places I was the most excited about visiting, were definitely the Warner Bros Studio Tour aka the Harry Potter Studios, which I was dying to visit for many years now, but also, the Sky Garden, where you can see the city from the 35th floor. I’m going to be writing some more details under some of the photos so check those out as well.

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Sweatshirts & burgundy | Outfit

I wore this outfit some weeks ago, to go shopping. It was right after my return from London, and I couldn’t wait to wear my only souvenir (apart from a Dorothy Perkins dress which I’m planning to wear over the holidays). I wanted this kind of a sweatshirt for a long time, and I really liked this one which will always remind me of my trip. Paired it here, with my latest love, my burgundy/oxblood pants, and my old grey boots…which are Shoe Save #37 according to the rules of Shoeper Shoe Challenge by

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Travel | London Day 4

Day 4 in London started with a subway ride to Buckingham palace. It was the worst day of all 4, weather-wise. It was raining, the wind was going crazy, my umbrella kept turning inside out, and I couldn’t take proper photos, something that spoiled my mood. We could have done many things that day, but it was impossible to go to Hyde Park, and other places as we had planned, so after taking some photos near Buckingham palace we headed to Oxford Street. No I didn’t shopped till I dropped as you would have imagined. On the contrary, I didn’t really shop much. But we’ll get to that.

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Travel | London Day 3

Good morning to all my lovely readers, old and new! Today we continue the travel posts, with photos of my 3rd day in London. The 3rd day was even busier than Day 1 or even Day 2, which was quite busy as well, but I think it’s the one I enjoyed the most, since I had the chance to “feel” the city, like I was living there for a while. Neither the cold nor the rain, were able to stop us from seeing all these amazing sights and landmarks of London. Enjoy!

Day 3 started with a visit to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum

I had the chance to take photos with many movie stars and other celebrities such as…

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Outfit | Walking in Notting Hill

As promised, here’s the outfit I was wearing on our second day in London. The photos are taken on the roads of Notting Hill, one of my favorite places in London. You can see the cute colorful houses on the background. Unfortunately, these are the only outfit photos I took during our trip. I didn’t have the chance to take other ones, with all the running from one place to another. So, I hope you like them. You know how obsessed I am with oxblood lately, so you can understand why I chose this almost monochromatic outfit (with a few gold and black touches). My puffy white coat was necessary for the cold of London (even though I would have loved to take my Pepe Jeans coat with me instead). In case you haven’t read my other London posts yet, here’s the one from Day 1 and from Day 2. Enjoy!

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