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19 June, 2013

I wore this outfit a few days ago, but I must confess that it was a repeat. You see, I wore it again some time ago to go out with friends, but didn’t have the chance to photograph it. So this time, when I was searching for what to wear, I thought, why not? I loved wearing it, and I’d love to show it to you too! Played with 3 colors: Pink, navy blue, and red. What do you think?

Φόρεσα αυτό το σύνολο πριν μερικές ημέρες αλλά πρέπει να σας εξομολογηθώ ότι το’χω ξαναβάλει. Βλέπετε, το φόρεσα ξανά πριν λίγο καιρό για να βγω με κάτι φίλους, αλλά δεν είχα την ευκαιρία να το φωτογραφίσω. Έτσι αυτήν τη φόρα όταν έψαχνα τι να βάλω, σκέφτηκα, γιατί όχι; Έτσι κι αλλιώς μου άρεσε πάρα πολύ όταν το φόρεσα, και ήθελα πολύ να το δείξω και σε εσάς! Έπαιξα με 3 χρώματα: ανοιχτό ροζ, σκούρο μπλε και κόκκινο. Πώς σας φαίνεται;



Top: H&M
: Zara
Bag: Rouskas
Mary-jane peep-toe pumps: Buffalo
c/o e-shop
watch: Michael Kors
sunglasses: Ray Ban
bracelet: Delight of light


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20 comments on “Pastels, navy, and polka dots | Outfits

  1. Hey M! This is a really nice outfit, definitely worth wearing again! I really like peplum tops and dresses, they’re so flattering and easy to wear. Also,I have a love affair with red shoes and yours are very pretty!
    Regarding your reply to my last comment, I must confess I too have been buying jeans a size bigger for the same reasons but now I’m on the 5:2 diet (where you only have 500kcal on 2 days of the week) and I’ve lost some weight they are all getting too big for me and I can’t really afford any shopping trips for the next couple of months so don’t know what I’ll wear on my bottom half all summer! I’m also doing it for health reasons, the few pounds I’ve lost so far are just a bonus!
    Also regarding your reply, I know what you mean about assuming people are thinking negative things but
    I’m sure they’re not, you are a beautiful young woman and from the little I know of you, you seem to also have a beautiful personality so even if they are thinking negatively, screw ’em! Xx

    • Hey Laura! I agree that peplum is really flattering to most figures. And thank you…It’s actually the only red pair I own. I was trying really hard to find one in that cherry red hue.
      I was thinking about the same thing the other day. What will happen to my jeans/pants if I lose much weight, because they’re already a size bigger. You can either buy others which are low priced, or go to seamstress and ask them to make them tighter. I’m sure they can do it, and it will cost you much less than buying more than 1 pair of pants. And you can also wear more dresses this summer. I mostly wear dresses in summer in the past couple of years, both because it’s really hot in country and because I don’t have to squeeze myself into a pair of uncomfortable pants. And they’re really flattering too. I didn’t know the 5:2 diet. I recently started with a dietitian who is also a personal trainer, so I eat less, healthier foods and exercise hard.
      Just concentrate on the fact that you’re losing the weight you wanted. Everything else is secondary. The most important thing is to be healthy and feel good and confident in your body. I’m sure you’ll find a solution for the clothes too, very soon.
      Thank you sooo much for your compliment! And you’re right, but sometimes it really bothers me if they stare at me. Nowadays I stare back at them in an intense and kind of angry way, to make them feel bad for doing it in the first place. hehe Of course only to the ones that do it in a rude way.

  2. Oh, I always love your outfits!!!!! I love this top now, and the bag! All the colors really go well with each other – navy blue and red are beautiful together,and matching with the shoes, wow! Really elegant – as usual! You look very beautiful! Makia!
    Bee-zee recently posted..Words of WisdomMy Profile

  3. Πολύ ωραίο το σύνολο! Μου αρέσει πολύ ο συνδυασμός κόκκινο πουά με τα κόκκινα πέδιλα 🙂

    (σσσ! κι εγώ φοράω κάποια σύνολα ξανά, ίσως με κάποιες μικρές παραλλαγές 😉 )

    Kisses xx
    Kate V recently posted..Get the Look: Metallic OxfordsMy Profile

    • xixi to kanw sixna, eidika otan den exw xrono na skeftw ti na valw kai ta rouxa einai mprosta sta matia mou….sinithws me alles parees vevaia, oxi me tin idia! 😛 Kai egw kanw merikes mikres parallages, apla to foresa idio gia na sas to deixw, epeidi mou arese.
      S’euxaristw para poli! 🙂

    • Kai eseis to idio! Edw girw den eimai to eutixes gegonos? 😉 Sou euxomai i wra i kali, kai na perasete iperoxa kai eseis autes tis meres!
      S’euxaristw poli!

    • Molis eida oti mou eipes 21 tou minos! Ara simera? Na pw na zisete loipon? 😀 Ti kalaaaa! Na zisete paidia! Panta eutixismenoi kai erwteumenoi! 🙂

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