Aristry Indigo Skies limited edition collection | Review

10 April, 2015
Language: Greek

Artistry Indigo Skies collection by Amway review

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Greek Easter is just around the corner, it’s on Sunday the 12th for us Othodox Christians, so I thought that instead of an outfit post, it would be more suitable to write a beauty review (because I know how much you love those), and leave the outfits for next week.

I received these products from Amway, about a month ago, and I couldn’t wait to try them on me. They’re limited edition, and they’re perfect for spring. Of course I photographed them, and went to try them and let you know what I think through a review. Below each review, you’ll find some embarrassing close-ups of me wearing the lipsticks and the mascara for you to see how they look worn. You’ll see the eye-shadow pencil at work, on my next review.


ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Indigo Skies Sheer Lipsticks & Lipstick

Artistry Indigo Skies collection by Amway review  lipsticks

Let’s start with the packaging of these 3 lipsticks: They have twisted caps (so they don’t open the regular way you’re used to), and even though at first, I was puzzled on how to open them, I found it really useful, as it stops their caps from slipping away, when they’re in your purse.

Artistry Indigo Skies collection by Amway review  lipsticks

They come in 3 colors, and as you can see from their packaging two of them, come in gold packaging with black caps, and one of them, in black packaging with a gold cap. The two gold ones, Sandstone, and Pink Quartz, are quite sheer. You can hardly see their colors on your lips. They give you a nice natural color, and glow, like a lip gloss, but without the extra amount of product which makes your lips sticky. These are creamy, and nice, but as I said, quite sheer. They give just a hint of color.

Artistry Indigo Skies collection by Amway review  Sandstone sheer lipstick worn Artistry Indigo Skies collection by Amway review  worn

 As for the 3rd one, Coral Sunrise, it’s also quite creamy, and even though it’s not as sheer the other ones, and it’s not described as one, it’s not very intense either. It gives your lips a nice coral color but it’s also a bit sheer, just not as much as the previous 2.

Artistry Indigo Skies collection by Amway review  swatches/worn


ARTISTRY SIGNATURE EYES™ Indigo Skies Volume Mascara in Blue

Artistry Indigo Skies collection by Amway review  blue mascara

This mascara does indeed give your eyelashes some volume, but nothing too dramatic. The most important thing is that it’s available in blue which can make your makeup looks perfect for spring/summer. The color is not too intense either. Just enough! You can wear it by its own, or on top of your regular black one. This is how it looks on me.

 Artistry Indigo Skies collection by Amway review  blue mascar worn

Artistry Indigo Skies Eye Crayon in Dessert Sand

Artistry Indigo Skies collection by Amway review  dessert Sanda eye crayon

Last but not least, we have the Eye Crayon in Dessert Sand. The crayon was available in 3 colors, 2 blue ones, and this sand one, but I was only sent this hue. But that’s all right, ‘cause this crayon is perfect for illuminizing certain eye areas. I mostly use it for the inner corner of my eyes, when I’m using eye shadows and under my brows. It works as an eye pencil, but when you apply it on your eyelids, it looks and feels like eye shadow, and it’s easily blendable with your brush. I tried to use it by its own, but I really couldn’t see the color by itself on my lids. It has a bit of shimmery finish, which I really like, cause it draws the attention to all the right places, and illuminates your eye makeup.


I hope you liked my review, thank you so much for reading, and see you next week with more posts.

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it this Sunday!


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10 comments on “Aristry Indigo Skies limited edition collection | Review

  1. Να τις σβήσεις αμέσως τις φωτογραφίες! Είναι άθλιες!!!
    Παιδάκι μου, είσαι μουρλό? Τί έχουν? Μια χαρά είναι!!
    Φαίνονται πολύ όμορφα προϊόντα!
    Αχ, πόσα χρόνια έχω να βάλω μπλε μάσκαρα? Από την 5ήμερη μη σου πω?!
    Με ‘γεια, κοριτσάρα μου!
    Καλό Πάσχα! Καλή Ανάσταση! Να περάσεις σούπερ!!!
    (Α, και δεν εννοούσα πως φαίνεσαι συνομήλικη με τη Λάσκαρη!!!! χαχαχαχα!)
    ΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ πολλά-πολλά, ομορφιά μου!

    • χαχαχα Το ξέρω βρε, πλάκα σου έκανα για την Λάσκαρη! 😛
      Αχ αυτές οι κοντινές του προσώπου μου πολύ με ταλαιπώρησαν, και με δίχασαν για το αν τελικά θα τις ανέβαζα ή όχι. Αλλά ήθελα να σας δείξω τα χρωματάκια φορεμένα.
      Κι εγώ από τότε ίσως είχα να βάλω, μην σου πω και πιο παλιά. Αλλά τα τελευταία 2 χρόνια έχει επανέλθει η τάση και θα ήθελα να ξαναδοκιμάσω μερικά μακιγιάζ τώρα την Άνοιξη και το καλοκαίρι.
      Σε ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ για τα καλά σου λόγια! Να’σαι καλά!
      Φιλάκια πολλά!
      Καλή Ανάσταση και καλό Πάσχα! :* :* :* :*

  2. Η μάσκαρα φαίνεται τέλεια.. Δίνει τόσο χρώμα ίσα ίσα να τονίζει τα μάτια 🙂
    Πολύ ωραία που μας έδειξες και πως φαίνονται πάνω σου!!
    Kleoniki recently posted..March Favorites 2015My Profile

    • Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ Κλεονίκη μου.
      Υ.Γ. Απ’ότι φαίνεται ξέχασα να απαντήσω σε αυτά τα σχόλια! 😛

    • Ναι ευτυχώς δεν είναι πολύ έντονο το αποτέλεσμα. Θα την φορέσω περισσότερο το καλοκαίρι νομίζω.
      Ειδικά αν βαριέσαι να βαφτείς και θες κατι ανάλαφρο, αυτή η μάσκαρα είναι ότι πρέπει. 🙂

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