Pastels for fall? Why not!

10 September, 2016

Pastel handbags for fall 2016

Usually when fall comes, bold and pastel colors return to the depths of our closets, and darker, more neutral colors have their comeback. Over the past few years though, we had pastels appear in fall/winter collections as well, through pastel coats & beautiful accessories. I personally love all things pastel, and colorful, and I felt the need to present to you, some of the most beautiful bags I’ve ever seen, which I found on an online store, called StyleWe. I was already familiar with the site, and I like to keep an eye on sites where I find such pretty things. This time, I fell in love with more bags than I could count. I’m especially in love with the light pink backpack, you can see in the second photo and all bags in the first one.

Pastel bags & backpacks fall 2016

If you, however, are not a fan of pastels or bold colors in general for fall/winter, don’t you worry, because on StyleWe, you can find darker colors too. Gorgeous backpacks, totes and handbags are waiting for you there. And you can also find all kinds of clothing in affordable prices & great quality from a number of designers. Like this 2 piece romper, by Kashan.JJ:

Black backpacks & bags fall 2016 beautiful dresses on StyleWe

So make sure to check out the site, because you’re definitely going to find some treasures there. Let me know which one if your favorite! 🙂


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