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From spring to summer 2- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI don’t know about you, but even though I put my summer clothes in my closet a few weeks ago, I’m still wearing my spring ones. We had some really warm summer days, I’m not complaining, but for most of it June has been grey and rainy so far. That day, it was sunny and warm, but windy as well, so I wore some transitioning pieces along with my green platform sandals, which I couldn’t wait to wear again. Most comfortable shoes ever! The girls and I attended a fashion show of the Pansik scuola di moda here in Thessaloniki, while enjoying some drinks.

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Christmas tea party | Thessaloniki’s Fashion Bloggers edition

I’m sure you’ve noticed that over the past months our little group has been meeting more and more often. In one of our meetings, we realized that this would be the first Christmas we’ve been together, and since Christmas is a time when families get together to celebrate, it wouldn’t be possible for us to be with each other these days. Then we were struck by the idea of hosting a (pre) Christmas tea party, so we can all celebrate this time of the year together. And how nice it would be to capture these moments on camera, and post them on our blogs, creating a Christmas themed collaboration? The decision was taken, and we were so excited that we couldn’t wait for that day, while we were running up and down, organizing everything. We wanted that day to be perfect, on and off camera. On, so we could share it with you, and make you feel like you were there with us, and off because parties are always fun (especially if they include Christmas treats and champagne). This is going to be a really picture-loaded post. You’ve been warned! 😛

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