Casual Barbecue | Outfits

This is the outfit post I told you about…the one I owed you from last month. I skipped it to show you the one with the fashion bloggers’ meeting, but here it is now. A really casual outfit I wore some time ago, to go to my best friend’s house for barbecue. We had an amazing time, and I kept posting photos on my Instagram that day, so if you want to see a few more details head over there. This is what I usually wear when I want to dress more casually. It works fine, but it’s not the kind of outfit I love wearing. This top is the most comfortable ever (I also have it in black), so you’ll see me wearing it many times (in fact I’ll be wearing it on my next outfit post on Wednesday too). As it turns out, I’ll be leaving my town for a few days, for a short trip to the northeast of Greece, so I’m editing my posts for this week, to have them scheduled for you to read. Lots of lovely casual outfits coming your way! Can’t wait to escape this city for a few days!

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