Fashion Secret Nights | Outfits

Fashion Secret Nights 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis was quite an eventful photoshoot for the blog! Let’s start by telling you that I wore this outfit to the Fashion Secret Nights event at TGI Friday’s last Tuesday. I didn’t have time to photograph the outfit then, so I arranged for T. and I to photograph it properly the next morning, dressed exactly the same, and wore the exact same make up as last night, minus the dark eyeliner. I left all my accessories except for the belt back home, and realized it when we had already taken a few photos at a not-so-close location. So I had to go back home, wear the accessories, and relocate, because it was getting cloudy and started raining in the meantime. As a result the photos were not ideal, but after some clicks I gave up, declared the photoshoot as a failure and went for a hot cup of chocolate. These are the only ones I kinda liked. Enjoy! 🙂

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What I wore on my Birthday | Outfits

Last Thursday on the 16th it was my birthday, and even though I decided not to have a big party this year, I wanted to go out with my bf. So after I blew the candles on my birthday cake with the company of some of my relatives, I went out for dinner. I jump at any occasion that allows me to dress up, and this is definitely high on my list. Dressing up for me means, picking something ladylike, a style that I, not only love, but I also think it suits my body and my personality. I had this dress in my closet for far too long (I had only shown it on my FB page a few months back), and I was looking for an opportunity to wear it, and the same goes for these gorgeous spiked pumps from Blink. They’re the perfect nude, to my almost pale white skin tone. Once more, I had to take my outfit photos myself, with the help of my trusty tripod. I was planning on at least taking them in my garden, but as soon as I got dressed it started raining, so my balcony was the only solution, if I wanted to show you an outfit today. But enough about that…let’s move on to the fun part…the photos.

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