Fashion Secret Nights | Outfits

Fashion Secret Nights 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis was quite an eventful photoshoot for the blog! Let’s start by telling you that I wore this outfit to the Fashion Secret Nights event at TGI Friday’s last Tuesday. I didn’t have time to photograph the outfit then, so I arranged for T. and I to photograph it properly the next morning, dressed exactly the same, and wore the exact same make up as last night, minus the dark eyeliner. I left all my accessories except for the belt back home, and realized it when we had already taken a few photos at a not-so-close location. So I had to go back home, wear the accessories, and relocate, because it was getting cloudy and started raining in the meantime. As a result the photos were not ideal, but after some clicks I gave up, declared the photoshoot as a failure and went for a hot cup of chocolate. These are the only ones I kinda liked. Enjoy! 🙂

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Wedding season | Outfits

Wedding season is here, and we were invited to our first wedding last Saturday. Some of you must have already seen some details of my outfit on my Facebook page (if you’re not a follower, hit the “Like” button to get my latest updates), but I’ve made an outfit post to show the whole outfit to all of you! So far I’ve shown you about 3 wedding outfits on the previous years (here, here and here). You’ve already seen this dress on my cousin’s wedding outfit post. I wanted to wear the same but with different accessories. So I chose my new jelly bag, my new bracelet (birthday gift from my dear blogger friend Denisehead to her blog and follow her as well, she’s the most amazing girl), and pair them with my color blocking Tsakiris Mallas sandals, that I bought last spring (seen before wearing them with this outfit). I decided on a fishtail braid hairstyle, to battle the heat, and the crazy wind.

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Pre-wedding preparations and bachelorette party

The second day after our arrival to Chios island we were invited to attend the pre-wedding preparations, which was a gathering at the house of the bride & groom to be, in order to make the matrimonial bed, and follow the common traditions. Per tradition, all unmarried ladies gather around to make the bed. The groom or the bride (depending on the local traditions) messes the bed 3 times, until he/she’s finally satisfied with the result. After that, they usually put a baby girl or baby boy on the bed (to bring fertility to the future spouses). Then, all guests throw rice/sugar-coated almonds (koufeta)/rose petals and money on the bed to wish prosperity for the couple. There’s usually a food buffet, and a traditional drink included.

This is what I chose to wear that day!

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