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This red suit is a recent find, and I really wanted to wear it before the real heat comes. The pants are an amazing fit, but the blazer is a bit on the larger side, but that’s okay. I used to love such outfits some years ago. I was all the about the “strict” business dress code, with pencil skirts, shirts, and pantsuits. haha These days I’m not such a huge fan of them anymore, but I do like the occasional pantsuit, especially if it’s monochrome like this one. Red suits, and suits in general were a huge trend in winter, and they still are for spring, just in brighter colors, like pink for example. So if you own one, it’s time to dig it out of the closet. I kept everything else simple. I went with a simple and casual black top, and I wore my lace up pumps underneath, to match the color of the suit, and to also make it more modern. No need to be that strict looking. Do you like wearing suits?

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Work it! | Outfits

Work it! 8- outfit -

Last week, the girls of the Stylishly Beautiful team and I met to film another Lookbook video for our channel, and coffee after that. As always I was the one to slightly overdress beyond the usual casual level, but that’s just my style. After all the theme of the video was “fall Lookbook”. So let’s just say that my suggestion was for working fashionistas or special agents for some super-secret agency. hehe I really wanted another chance to wear my culottes and as you know heels are my preferable kind of shoes. I really liked this outfit, as I do with mostly any work-related outfits, even though I wasn’t aiming at that. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. You can also watch the video we made for our channel. Make sure to subscribe for more!

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