Casual shopping day | Outfits

Casual shopping day 5- outfit -

This is a super quick post to show you my casual outfit of the day, when I went to shop for some things I needed. And it’s a quick one because we didn’t have time to take more photos, so it’s super short. My pink heels left the shelves for a little while to go out with me. I paired them with my pink bag, but left the rest of the outfit in blue hues. It was quite hot even for the light shirt I was wearing, but after we went through a mini heatwave, we’re back to spring temperatures. Greek Orthodox Easter is approaching (we celebrate it on May 1st this year), so I’m going to take some days off this week. But stay tuned for another post (and a video) this Wednesday!

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Boyfriend jeans & sleeveless vest | Outfits

Boyfriend jeans & sleeveless vest 4- outfit -

When the weather allows it, I like to wear my light colored clothes, to go out. This way my mood gets instantly boosted. The weather that day was perfect, so I wore my boyfriend jeans, paired with a light knit sweater, and my long sleeveless vest, and added some red accessories to make the outfit pop. I hope you like the outfit! Don’t forget to leave your comments under this post. I love reading them! Have a great day!

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Grayscale | Outfits

Grayscale 8- outfit -

Writing this post long after midnight, for you to be able to read it the next day! Again, it’s as fresh as possible, since we took these photos yesterday afternoon, just before sunset. The day was warm enough for me to go out wearing these, without any coat on (even though I had it with me!), and even though it’s still too early, the first signs of spring have appeared. Due to the unexpectedly warm weather lately, the trees have already started to bloom, which is nice, but again it’s too early for spring. So, due to the warm weather, I had the chance to wear my gray loose dress again, with my new cardigan on top, and make it more casual with my All-stars and my backpack. These kinds of loose long dresses either need something on top, or they need to be belted. Otherwise, you risk looking like you’re wearing a night gown. So if you’re planning on wearing it with flats, keep that in mind, and try wearing your dress with something fitted on top, like a cardigan or a jacket. Hope you like it! Let me know by leaving your comments below!

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“Teal” the end of time | Outfits

Teal the end of time 6- outfit -

Fresh new outfit from yesterday morning! Photographed, edited, and delivered! It’s been like this lately… I’m more than grateful for T. for helping me so much with the photos lately! I wouldn’t have anything to post if it wasn’t for him. Yesterday we met again to go for a walk to enjoy the sunshine… Little did we know that it would be so windy. Nevertheless, we managed to take these photos and I’m more than happy with them. And I got the chance to wear my new teal hat, which I paired with my culottes for the first time. You know that I like to go matchy matchy with my outfits. And you should too, if you like it. You can’t go wrong with matching colors. Your looks will look more put-together and classy. Believe me! Culottes are so much fun to wear! Who knew! And I’m loving the whole “hats trend”. I want to add more to my collection. Are you embracing these trends yourself? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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Red & blue in the rain | Outfits

Red & blue in the rain 6- outfit -

As you can tell by the title, we took these photos while it was raining. You can’t really tell by them, but it was really gray, foggy and rainy that day, but it was our only chance to photograph this outfit on time, in order for me to show it to you today. And so we did! My big umbrella kept me dry (although we did take some photos without it), and the coffee in my hands kept me warm. The inspiration behind this outfit was this beautiful new silver Larimar bracelet, which I was sent by the kind people of the brand, and I’m sure I’ll wear a lot during spring/summer, but I just couldn’t wait till then. It’s very well-made, pretty and minimal, and its stone and shape of it is really eye-catching. I wore it with my baby blue sweater paired with my plaid shirt and red bag, to make a nice contrast. My black booties weren’t in the initial plan, but the rain stopped me from wearing a pair of pumps, and to be honest I was really pleased by the final look. What do you think?

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