Bare legs on the go | Outfits

Bare legs on the go 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis outfit was photographed at the end of last month when I went out with Maria and Anatoli for coffee. I wore my black & white loose dress (which I haven’t worn in ages), and combined it with blue accessories to make it more spring appropriate. I went out bare-legged for the first time this spring, and even though it was colder when the sun went down, I quite enjoyed it. Do you like the look?

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Sporty yet chic | Outfits

Spring is officially here, and I try to enjoy the warm and sunny days as much as I can. One of these, we went with my friend S. for coffee to my favorite place, where you can have the best view of the city. As shown in this post, and this post. I wore something comfortable, between sporty and chic, but I kept my long sleeved hoodie on to avoid sneaky colds which come with these transitional seasons. Are you enjoying spring? All photos taken by my friend S. (Thank you!)

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New in: Zara basic color-blocking sandals

I’m not gonna lie to you! I wasn’t initially going to buy these shoes, even though I really liked them. But seeing them everywhere in the blogosphere made it so difficult for me to resist! After contemplating on whether or not to buy them, I managed to find a way to justify their purchase, by thinking that they would look perfect with the dress I bought for my cousin’s wedding. Of course I had already chosen my favorite one among the variation of color combinations available. And finally decided to make the purchase! They weren’t available at my local Zara, but they were at the central store. A quick visit at the store, before my road trip to Kavala last Friday morning put them in my possession. Enjoy the photos I took for you (even though you may have already seen the shoes everywhere!).

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