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From day to night with axel accessories 3- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis is the 3rd part of my collaboration with Axel accessories, and I chose a black outfit, paired with green accessories to make it more special. It’s a look that can be worn from the morning till night, with a few tweaks. The dress is perfect for a day in the office, when worn with low booties and a nice blazer, and after the office you can easily ditch the booties for a pair of high heels in bold color, and leave the blazer behind to expose the best feature of the dress: its back. My favorite items of this look are the necklace and this cute green bag! I hope you like this look. There’s another one coming soon! 😉

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From day to night | Outfit post

This is a really casual outfit which can be worn from day to night, by just changing the bag to a clutch (and possibly lower heels to higher ones). It’s a look that can be worn to your office/work place, and can easily become a night one, without having to return home to change. Tell me what do you think, by leaving a comment below…

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