My month in pics | December 2015

december 2015 - outfits

As December is coming to an end I reminisce all of 2015, and its moments. Once again I can’t believe how fast it passed. We’re not here to talk about the whole year, though, because I’ll be posting a separate article dedicated to the best moments/outfits of the year. So let’s talk about December, and its crazy moments. I managed to show you 8 outfits; not bad! And I also managed to take the plunge and open up my own Youtube channel. It still makes me nervous, but I actually love the whole process of video making and editing, as much as I love shooing for outfit posts. My favorite outfits were definitely no. 5 and 8, aka the black maxi dress at the beach, and the last one with the sleeveless trench and the hat. Hopefully the months to follow will be even better. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my channel for more pieces of my everyday life!

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December 2015 | Wishlist

December 2015 - wishlist -

The time of the month for a new wishlist has arrived, and I’m writing down this one, as I’m listening to Christmas music. So you can say that I’m already in the Christmas spirit. So let’s see what I want for this month:

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