Wishlist | December 2016

December 2016 wishlist

It’s first of December and we’ve officially entered winter! Yay! Let the holiday season start! And how could it start in a better way than a wishlist post? It truly can’t! So let’s see what my Christmas list has in it. I found really nice things online that I’d love to buy! I’ve been meaning to buy a faux fur vest for winter for years, but still haven’t found the one. This one is perfect. The top next to it is perfect for the holidays, and so are the t-strap pumps next to it. A nice A-line dress in burgundy would be perfect for Christmas day, and a nice red coat would be perfect during the whole winter. I bet it’d look amazing with everything. What’s on YOUR wishlist this month? Be sure to ask Santa to bring it to you! 😉

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10 things to do, to get your Christmas spirit ON

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I don’t know about you, but lately, and by lately I mean the last few years, I’m not feeling the Christmas spirit as much as I did when I was younger. So I promised myself, that this year, I’ll do everything to get this feeling again, because I truly believe that it is the most wonderful time of the year. So let’s see together, what we can do to get our Christmas spirit ON:

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December 2015 | Wishlist

December 2015 - wishlist - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

The time of the month for a new wishlist has arrived, and I’m writing down this one, as I’m listening to Christmas music. So you can say that I’m already in the Christmas spirit. So let’s see what I want for this month:

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Chalkidiki Diary

As you already know, 2 weeks after my vacation to Chios, I left again, this time for Chalkidiki, the heaven on earth for us living in Thessaloniki. When I go to Chalkidiki, I usually stay at my cousin’s summer house, just outside N.Marmaras. The house is in a very quiet area, surrounded by trees, and almost-wild nature, and it’s only a few meters away from the beach (although you need to walk a lot to get there). My uncle bought the land many years ago, and built a cute house there, under 2 huge plane trees (platanus). You may remember telling you how much I love the platanus smell on last year’s post about Chalkidiki.

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Day 3 in Chios – Pirgi, Mesta, Emporios, Komi

Day 3 of our trip to Chios was completely free from wedding stuff. My aunt and cousin didn’t need us, so it was the perfect chance to start touring the island a bit. With my mom as our tour guide, we took our rental car, and begin our trip to Mastichochoria (the mastic villages in Greek). I took many photos so be prepared for a picture loaded post again.

Our first stop was the medieval village Pirgi, which has the largest population of Mastichochoria. Most of Pirgi’s houses are painted with the “xista” technique, which makes the village unique. Here’s a small sample of the houses, and the village.

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