Wishlist | December 2016

December 2016 wishlist

It’s first of December and we’ve officially entered winter! Yay! Let the holiday season start! And how could it start in a better way than a wishlist post? It truly can’t! So let’s see what my Christmas list has in it. I found really nice things online that I’d love to buy! I’ve been meaning to buy a faux fur vest for winter for years, but still haven’t found the one. This one is perfect. The top next to it is perfect for the holidays, and so are the t-strap pumps next to it. A nice A-line dress in burgundy would be perfect for Christmas day, and a nice red coat would be perfect during the whole winter. I bet it’d look amazing with everything. What’s on YOUR wishlist this month? Be sure to ask Santa to bring it to you! 😉

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