Pastels: Mint

 It’s been a while since I wanted to do a collage about one of my favorite trends of the last years, which is pastels, and finally got the time and chance to realize it. Starting this, with my latest pastel obsession, mint… Mint is everywhere this season, and I’m totally ok with it, since I loved it from the first time I saw it on clothes, shoes and bags. I’ve already added many mint-colored-stuff to my collection, and I don’t think that my obsession will stop there.  Are you obsessed as well?

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December’s wishlist

Good morning my lovely readers! How was your week? December is finally here, and we’re getting closer to Christmas every day. I’m so excited! Christmas is my favourite holiday. I love decorating my house, and making Christmas recipes, but it also leaves me really tired, as I’m now.

This is my wishlist of December. Hope you enjoy it, as much as I do. There aren’t many things for the holidays in this list, but I’m planning to do an extra post about them. I just need to find some time in my schedule to do some “research”.

Here we go.

1. B Brian Atwood Paramour Suede High Heel Booties, $450.00, $315 (30% off) or €242.66.

Photos taken from Shopbop

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