My nail polish collection

A few months back, I shared with you my shoe collection, and I always had in my mind to do a similar post to show you my nail polish collection. It all begun 2 years ago, when I threw away all of my nail polishes which had gone bad. Then, I found some amazing brands and I started collecting new colors. Although, nail polishes are not something you can keep for years, like you can with shoes, I really like the colors I have so far, so I don’t think I’m going to buy many more in the near future. Today I present to you my collection of nail polishes together with some recommendations, and favorites I have. Enjoy!

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Pastels: Mint

 It’s been a while since I wanted to do a collage about one of my favorite trends of the last years, which is pastels, and finally got the time and chance to realize it. Starting this, with my latest pastel obsession, mint… Mint is everywhere this season, and I’m totally ok with it, since I loved it from the first time I saw it on clothes, shoes and bags. I’ve already added many mint-colored-stuff to my collection, and I don’t think that my obsession will stop there.  Are you obsessed as well?

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My month in pics

One more month is coming to an end, and while writing this post, I noticed that there wasn’t something really special about this month, that I haven’t already showed you! You see, January is one of my least favourite months, because of the dark cold nights (and sometimes days!). So not many outfit pics were taken, because I wasn’t in a mood to wear less than 5 pieces of clothing together without freezing to death, and as a result I looked more like a bear than a “fashion blogger”. Most days I avoided getting out of the house if it wasn’t necessary, I hate the cold. Although, I do have two of them to show you during the next month, when the weather was a bit less than terribly cold.  For now, here’s a sneak peek, of a one-day trip I had, to Kavala, a city in the northeast of Greece.

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Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag

If I ever wished to find an amazing vintage piece in my mom’s or grandma’s closet that would definitely be a Chanel Classic Flap Bag. Not that I complain about the things that I already found in there. There are all indeed treasures with so much sentimental value. From clothes to jewellery and other accessories. Reminders of the past decades, specially made by seamstresses based specifically on your body. An era, when the clothes were unique and of good quality and not produced massively.

Returning to the subject, I always liked classic pieces that can be worn with numerous outfits all over the years. And what is more classical than Chanel?

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