Light pink sweater | Outfits

For this outfit, I combined my 2 latest purchases: this light pink sweater which is making its debut on the blog today, and my new Betty London ankle booties. Once again I paired pink with gray, a combination I really love, and went for coffee with my fashion blogger friends. A statement necklace was the perfect finish to this rather casual outfit. These photos were taken just before it started raining again, and this sweater and my coat (not pictured) kept me warm for the day. What do you think?

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The cardigan dress | Outfits

It’s a National Holiday here in Greece today, and I realize that not many of you will be here to read this post, but either way, I’m going to go on with my regular schedule for my foreign readers, and for all of you, who like me, stayed in the city. Last week, I met again with some of my blogger friends from Thessaloniki. It seems to becoming a regular thing, and I can honestly say I love it. Going out with friends with the same interests AND taking outfit photos for each other’s blogs is amazing. I feel blessed to have met all of them (not only the ones who made it this time). These photos were taken by Maria of Style Bows. If you want to see her outfit of the day, click here. This is another outfit, I created instantly and I loved wearing it. I wore my trusty long cardigan on top of my dress, and completed the outfit with a studded belt, my lunch bag, and a pair of high heeled booties. It was super feminine with the right touch of edgy, and I loved how the cardigan moved behind me and I really thought it looked like one piece with the dress underneath it. Blue and black was always a favorite winter combination for me, so I’m glad that it’s also one of the biggest trends of this season. Do you like it?

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Casual gray and stripes | Outfits

Can I say one more time that I’m terrible at giving titles to my posts? Oh, yes I am! Anyway…I wore this outfit last week to meet with Olie from the blog Fashion Addict. She’s the one who took these pictures, and I want to thank her for being so patient with me. You see, the wind was particularly annoying that day, so my hair was all over the place. In some pics I looked like I was being abducted by aliens or something…Something else I’m not good at: posing. Even after so much time, I don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera, and I probably never will. But this is what I wore, and I wanted to show you despite everything. Do you like it?

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