Fall transition | Outfits

Everybody is complaining about the weather lately, because they say we were supposed to have cold weather by now, but I couldn’t be happier about it. The days are still quite warm at 20+ degrees, and the nights are cooler, without having to wear wools and coats yet. And honestly people, this is how fall/autumn weather in Greece is supposed to be. A transitioning period between summer and winter! The sudden changes from hot to cold weather (like the one we’ve been having the previous years – except for the last one) isn’t normal. That’s why we have 4 seasons, and not 2. I’m taking advantage of this transitional period to still wear some of my summer clothes, mixed with some of my fall/winter ones. Like this dress which you’ve seen before in this post, which I mixed with my tartan shirt, and the comfiest shoes ever, my biker boots. A bit of girly, and a bit of grunge, and limited to none accessories; exactly how I like my casual outfits to be.

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Grunge & tartan | Outfits

This is the outfit I wore at the Tesoro event, the Saturday before last. I wanted to show you photos from the event first, and then move on to the outfits, so that’s why you see it with a bit of a delay. Despite the sun, it was a really cold day, so I decided to wear my biker boots for the first time this season, a pair of black jeans (which made me realize that I need to get a pair of skinny ones for such cases, because I hated that bulgy look near my boots) and my newest addiction: this tartan shirt. I had a fantastic time with the girls that day, and I really want to thank them both for making it that awesome, and also thank Maria for taking these outfit photos. Head over to her blog to see her outfit from that day!

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