Black, mint and powder pink | Outfits

Black, mint and powder pink - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis is the outfit I wore to the opening of the new H&M store in Thessaloniki. The exclusive press preview was early in the morning and it was downtown, so I needed to be comfortable enough but at the same time it was a special occasion and I wanted to look stylish without overdoing it. The inspiration to this color combination was given to me by my statement necklace, which combines mint and light pink. As soon as I found the perfect shoes for the day, everything else, kind of fell into place. As you can see, I鈥檓 very much into casual chic lately (and also into my Naf Naf blazer, but let鈥檚 not make it a big deal, ok? 馃槢 ). So, what do you think?

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