Green dress | Outfits

Green dress - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comAs you’re reading these lines, I’m probably on vacation in Chalkidiki, where I’ll be spending a week to relax and recharge my batteries, away from the heat of the city and the constant posts, both here, and on Stylishly Beautiful. Don’t get me wrong! I do love what I’m doing, but if you think it’s easy to do, you’re utterly wrong. It takes time, effort, time and time. Did I mention time? So as I’m writing these lines (to be able to schedule my posts) I’m frantically “running” to manage to write and schedule everything on both blogs on time, so as to be able to enjoy my vacation. And even though I’m stressed and anxious to see if I’ll meet MY deadline, I’m loving everything. Let’s go to the outfit now. Do you like it? Very simple and comfortable, in hues of green, for a movie night in, with my favorite girls and our boys.

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Black, mint and powder pink | Outfits

Black, mint and powder pink - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis is the outfit I wore to the opening of the new H&M store in Thessaloniki. The exclusive press preview was early in the morning and it was downtown, so I needed to be comfortable enough but at the same time it was a special occasion and I wanted to look stylish without overdoing it. The inspiration to this color combination was given to me by my statement necklace, which combines mint and light pink. As soon as I found the perfect shoes for the day, everything else, kind of fell into place. As you can see, I’m very much into casual chic lately (and also into my Naf Naf blazer, but let’s not make it a big deal, ok? 😛 ). So, what do you think?

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Mint condition | Outfits

I bet you’re bored of seeing me wearing mint all the time on the blog lately. I promise I’ll try to tone it down from now on. I get obsessed with colors, clothes, accessories so much that I can’t stop wearing them until I get bored of them. I guess this was a “mint month” for me. Since this month is coming to an end, and my next post will be the recap one, we’ll all see how much I’ve been wearing this color lately. This outfit was in fact a “repeat”. I wore it for the first time last year here, with some different accessories, and you may have seen me wearing it again on Instagram a few weeks ago. But I hadn’t photographed it back then, so I wore it happily again to go for coffee with some friends on Monday. See how different an outfit can look just by changing a few details? No need to worry about wearing the same clothes again!

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Mint skater dress & ladylike chic | Outfits

This outfit was worn and photographed last week, but got postponed to this week, as I told you on my previous post too. I actually wore this outfit again for the first time a few nights earlier… We made some last minute plans, and I had to leave the house, in less than 30’, so I opened my closet, picked up this dress, and the rest came to my mind directly after. I love these kinds of outfits, that not only come to my head immediately, but I end up loving them so much that I don’t want to take them off. So I decided that this outfit had to be photographed! Wore it again a couple of days later, dragged T. to a location I had in mind, and later on we went to eat Chinese. The wind almost sabotaged out little photoshoot, and I was so close to flashing everybody around me, but thankfully that didn’t happen. See how I styled this dress in the past here and here.

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Mixed prints & khaki | Outfits

All photos shot by T.

Last Monday, we were finally able to arrange a small blogger’s meeting, with from “From with Love” and Kate from “The Orange Pig”. Before that, I had to go to a nameday party, so I knew I was going to be out of the house all day, and needed something comfy, but also stylish since I was going to meet my girls for “coffee” downtown later. The weather was super cloudy, which allowed me to wear my new khaki H&M shirt. And since all my outfits start with choosing the right shoes, I knew these as well. But, I also needed a big bag, to carry my DSLR around, hence the weird mixing of prints here: leopard and snakeskin. It did keep me comfortable and warm enough all day, and I had a great day with the girls. So happy to have finally met them!

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