My month in pics – July 2013

Can’t believe that we’re one day away from August! It seems like yesterday that summer just came. And most of all I can’t believe that I haven’t gone on vacation yet (and I don’t know if I will, anyway). Let’s hope that August would be a better one for me. I’m always starting with my outfits, so here they are: 1) ombre maxi dress, 2) colorful day, 3) Summer black and whites, 4) What I wore on my nephew’s christening, 5) Anniversary look, 6) maxi dress & fashion bloggers’ meeting. 6 of them for this month (and I owe you one)…which is strange because it was definitely a month I went out a lot. It must be because I didn’t have someone to photograph my outfits at that time. But thanks to my bf, my new iPhone has been a great friend lately, since I can photograph anything I want, including “previews” of my outfits, and let’s face it, most of my meals. I love photographing my food. So here are the photos I uploaded on my Instagram this month. Don’t forget to follow me there. When I look at them I see I had a great use of my new jelly bag, and I liked my outfits with it so much that I’m planning to wear them again to photograph them for the blog and show you the complete look. Would you like that?

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