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The weather lately has been perfect, and even though the forecast predicts terrible weather for the end of the month, I was happy that I could finally start wearing some lighter clothes. You know how much I’ve loved my culottes last season, and it’s the perfect time to wear them again. That day, I chose a simple black and white outfit, adorned with a huge statement necklace in pastel tones, and paired it with my mary-jane platform pumps. Super stylish and comfortable too! If your body is pear-shaped like mine, wear your culottes with a nice fluffy sweater to create volume at the top of your body, and make the whole look more symmetric and sleek. I adore such looks! Later on, I replaced my pumps with a pair of ankle boots for a dinner with friends, and a more stable walk on the cobblestone alleys of my city. It looked great with both options… What do you think?

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New in: Buffalo Addison pumps via Spartoo.gr

Last week I received my latest order from the online shop Spartoo.gr, and even though I wrote it on my Facebook page, and promised to show them to you, I haven’t done it yet. So, finally that time has come! They are from the brand Buffalo, and they are cherry red pee-toe mary-jane pumps. And yes, they are the first pair of red shoes I own. I was searching for the perfect pair for a long time, and since my all-time favorite is a pair of Jimmy Choos, I didn’t feel like giving so much money for a pair of simple red pumps. So I hope you like these.

All photos shot by me

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