Mini dresses & sunsets | Outfits

Mini dresses & sunsets - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comHello, hello! I’m back with a fresh new outfit post. And freshly dyed copper red hair again! Of course these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, so the color is not that fresh now, but you get the point. Back then they were fresh from the hairdresser, and so was their trim and blow-dry/straightening. Wish I could straighten them like this by myself. They look so pretty and long like this. To the outfit now… This dress is old, but I don’t think I’ve ever worn it on the blog. It has puffy shoulders, but it makes a nice contrast with the rest of the dress so I don’t mind. Worn here with my minimal coat (it’s a thin one for spring/autumn), my trusty Kelly look-alike bag and my cork pumps. In other news I got bitten by tens of mosquitos again that day. I should really stop going to such places for photos. The sunset was pretty though.

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