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Greek fashion bloggerSome weeks ago, I received this beautiful tee with the clever quote from the girls of It’s a way of art shop, Lena & Monica, and I was patiently waiting for a warm enough day to wear it. We didn’t get many, but it was enough for me to wear it and photograph it for the blog. The weather changed back to winter, after those 3 sunny days, but at least I got these beautiful photos to remember them by (especially that first one, which is definitely going to be my new profile picture). The tee has an amazing quality, and you’re gonna see it on me again, when spring officially comes. As for the rest of the outfit, this is an officewear suggestion. I was originally going to stick to just black & white, but with the sun shining outside, it was difficult for me to leave my colorful items behind. Plus it wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t added a little bit of color to the look. What do you think?

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Green dress | Outfits

Green dress - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comAs you’re reading these lines, I’m probably on vacation in Chalkidiki, where I’ll be spending a week to relax and recharge my batteries, away from the heat of the city and the constant posts, both here, and on Stylishly Beautiful. Don’t get me wrong! I do love what I’m doing, but if you think it’s easy to do, you’re utterly wrong. It takes time, effort, time and time. Did I mention time? So as I’m writing these lines (to be able to schedule my posts) I’m frantically “running” to manage to write and schedule everything on both blogs on time, so as to be able to enjoy my vacation. And even though I’m stressed and anxious to see if I’ll meet MY deadline, I’m loving everything. Let’s go to the outfit now. Do you like it? Very simple and comfortable, in hues of green, for a movie night in, with my favorite girls and our boys.

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Διαγωνισμός My Piece of Chic x DoYouSpeakGossip? | Giveaways

My piece of chic giveaway - DoYouSpeakGossip.comΚαλησπέρα αγαπημένοι μου αναγνώστες! Όπως σας υποσχέθηκα, η εβδομάδα αυτή ξεκινάει με διαγωνισμό. Αν θέλετε να κερδίσετε το κολιέ My Piece of Chic της παραπάνω φωτογραφίες ακολουθήστε τα βήματα που θα βρείτε στην παρακάτω εφαρμογή και συμπληρώστε σωστά τα στοιχεία σας.

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My piece of chic | Outfits

My piece of chic 4- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis outfit was inspired by my new favorite necklace by My Piece of Chic, which Alexia sent to me sometime around last week. I think it’s perfect for summer, and it can give color to all your outfits. As for me, I wore more than enough color in mine. A little bit of blue, yellow and pink! I couldn’t pass the chance to wear my color block sandals for the first time this year, but I think the result was not over-the-top. Do you like it? (take a look at the end of this post)

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