Green dress | Outfits

Green dress - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comAs you’re reading these lines, I’m probably on vacation in Chalkidiki, where I’ll be spending a week to relax and recharge my batteries, away from the heat of the city and the constant posts, both here, and on Stylishly Beautiful. Don’t get me wrong! I do love what I’m doing, but if you think it’s easy to do, you’re utterly wrong. It takes time, effort, time and time. Did I mention time? So as I’m writing these lines (to be able to schedule my posts) I’m frantically “running” to manage to write and schedule everything on both blogs on time, so as to be able to enjoy my vacation. And even though I’m stressed and anxious to see if I’ll meet MY deadline, I’m loving everything. Let’s go to the outfit now. Do you like it? Very simple and comfortable, in hues of green, for a movie night in, with my favorite girls and our boys.

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