Total red | Outfits

It may sound, or even look crazy, but total red looks are very much in trend right now, and it’s a style I wanted to try out for a long time now. I love monochrome looks, and I really liked this one, even though I’d prefer to wear a different color for the top and the bag, to break all that red. It’s the second time I wear these red pants, and I actually prefer the previous look I created with them. Total red is as bold as I imagined, but in a weird way, it looks good. But it will definitely make many heads turn, so if that’s not something you like, maybe聽 you should stay away. For me, it really isn’t, but it was a nice change from my usual outfits. I got a bit out of my comfort zone with the colors and tried something new, so I’m happy about it, and I have some photos to remember that. 馃檪

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