Retro Vibes | Outfits

Some retro vibes for today’s outfit post, inspired by my new mules, which I wore for the first time. The skirt is also kinda new, since I received it last fall, but didn’t get to wear it till now. Of course my favorite item from this look, is definitely my yellow top, which you’ve already seen me wearing it on this blog post. I wore this look for a walk around town, and for a lunch date with my girl friends. Super airy and comfortable, for the scorching heat we’ve been having lately. The skirt isn’t really my style, but I showed it in of my hauls last fall, and almost everyone told me it looks good on me, so that changed my mind. What do you guys think about my skirt, and new mules? Do you like them?

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Kind of retro | Outfits

Greek fashion bloggerI wore this outfit last week, to meet with T. The sun was shining and the day was warm enough to go out bare-legged. You could really feel that spring was here, but of course that didn’t last long. Nevertheless, I took the opportunity to wear my new Dune Carletta pumps, which I bought last month, with a handmade vintage skirt, and items in black and tan to suit my shoes. I was originally going to wear them with a black or tan leather skirt, but been there, done that, and this skirt was hanging in my closet for too long, waiting to be worn, so I thought to myself “why not?” and took it for a stroll. The look has kind of a retro vibe to it, but not as much as it would have, if I would have worn it with its matching cropped jacket (remember that?). To be honest, I really liked this look. How do you feel about it?

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