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Striped culottes & 90s vibes 5- outfit -

These culottes are also one of my latest sales purchases, and even though I loved them, I’m still not sure about them, and how they look on me. Most of my friends complimented me on them, so I’m eager to make them work. For their first outing, I decided to go with my off-the-shoulder top, a previous purchase of mine, but I wasn’t sure about the shoes. Since I’m not that tall, and the pants are “cutting” me around the ankles, I didn’t want to wear a pair of shoes that would do the same. I rejected most of my pumps because I definitely wasn’t going to wear closed pumps in such heat, but I didn’t think of my peep-toe pumps. So I went with my initial thought which was my oldie mules from the early 00s (possibly), but I was not too happy about the final result. I said I wasn’t going to buy new mules, because it’s a style I don’t wear that often, and I don’t particularly like, but now I’m finding myself wondering if I should. All in all, I actually loved this outfit, but I think it would have looked hell of a lot bet better, if the mules were higher, and had a more modern heel. Can’t wait to try my next combination with these pants!

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Total white | Outfits

Total white 2- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comA few days ago, I wore this (almost) total white look to go out with T. He had promised to take my outfit photos and then take me for shopping (I bought 2 goodies you’re probably going to see really soon), and as I didn’t have enough time to finish up my homemade smoothie, I took it with me and used it as a prop for this shoot to bring some color to this look. It was one of the rare days lately that wasn’t raining, and it was actually so bright, we struggled to find some shade for these photos. I later changed into flat sandals to go shopping (even I am not that crazy) and then back to my heels. I actually didn’t have the chance to enjoy it that day, so I wore it again 2 days later for a night out with T, after he had complimented it so much. Got rained on that night and caught a mild cold but it was totally worth it! Love it when the boy gives me compliments on my looks. 😀

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Maxi-mize it!

After a super-hot day at the beach, I needed to wear something fresh and relaxed. Unfortunately my feet got burned by the sun (yes, only my feet, I don’t know how I managed to do this), so my maxi skirt was the best option at the moment. I chose to wear my new coral skirt, which I told you about a few posts back, and was a gift from my brother’s wife on my birthday.

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Summer is officially here, so it’s time to wear more light clothes and our summer sandals. These photos were taken on Wednesday, on a warm and sunny evening in my garden.

This outfit consists mainly of no name/unknown brands, but I’ll give it a try and write what I know.

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