“Timeless” pumps and booties via spartoo.gr

Hello my dear readers! How is everyone? My week started in a very bad way, and I’m predicting it will continue the same way. I always like to share some of my personal things with you, so let me explain…At Monday morning, my mom called me to go get her, because she fell and hurt herself. Turns out, it was worse than I initially thought, and I had to take her to the hospital for x-rays. The verdict? A broken shoulder bone (I think she broke the head part), which needs to be operated, but the doctors decided not to let her go through this procedure…Instead they’re gonna wait for a week until they examine her again, to determine if they’re going to do the surgery. During this week, she’s going to be in terrible pain, with nothing more than pain killers, which leaves her unable to do anything at all! During this week, I’ll have to take care of both my mom, and my grandma (who had a surgery on her leg about a year ago, if you remember), while doing all house works and errands myself. It’s gonna be a hectic week, but here’s hoping everything turns out ok, in the end.

So sorry to bother you with my bad news, but really needed to share it with someone, and this blog is partly my diary. In other news, returning to the fashion part of this blog, last Thursday I received the package I was waiting for. In it, there were 3 (!) boxes of shoes, 2 for me and 1 for T.

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