“Timeless” pumps and booties via spartoo.gr

19 September, 2012

Hello my dear readers! How is everyone? My week started in a very bad way, and I’m predicting it will continue the same way. I always like to share some of my personal things with you, so let me explain…At Monday morning, my mom called me to go get her, because she fell and hurt herself. Turns out, it was worse than I initially thought, and I had to take her to the hospital for x-rays. The verdict? A broken shoulder bone (I think she broke the head part), which needs to be operated, but the doctors decided not to let her go through this procedure…Instead they’re gonna wait for a week until they examine her again, to determine if they’re going to do the surgery. During this week, she’s going to be in terrible pain, with nothing more than pain killers, which leaves her unable to do anything at all! During this week, I’ll have to take care of both my mom, and my grandma (who had a surgery on her leg about a year ago, if you remember), while doing all house works and errands myself. It’s gonna be a hectic week, but here’s hoping everything turns out ok, in the end.

So sorry to bother you with my bad news, but really needed to share it with someone, and this blog is partly my diary. In other news, returning to the fashion part of this blog, last Thursday I received the package I was waiting for. In it, there were 3 (!) boxes of shoes, 2 for me and 1 for T.

As I told you on my previous wishlist, there were some pairs that I didn’t include, for fear of losing my size in them. hehe So here they are, ordered and received.

They are both from the brand Timeless, which has some very cute and quite affordable pairs.

My first choice was a pair of blue pumps with black toe caps (one of the latest huge trends) and heels, which I really loved. By the time they arrived, this particular design was sold out in every size on spartoo.gr, which proves that I wasn’t irrational in my decision to keep them for myself, until I actually ordered them. hehe sorry ladies!

My second choice was a pair of brown booties with black sides. They have a 14cm heel with a 4cm platform.

The blue ones have a 10cm heel and no platform, but they are really comfortable, and I’m guessing, they’d be even better with tights during fall. Expect to see them on my feet really soon.

It was the first time I ordered something form this brand, but I wanted to buy a pair because of their cute designs, and very affordable prices. My experience so far is that they’re not the best quality shoes I’ve seen of course (as you would expect from 2 pairs of shoes under 50€ – 35€ for the pumps and 53€ for the booties), but they are good enough to wear a few times. The stitching and the details are not the best, they’re made in China (which is a huge minus for me), but I’m sure they’ll serve their purpose. Between the 2, I definitely choose the pumps. I’m not sure about the booties on me yet. These 2 pairs bring my collection to a total of 62 pairs! Because having to wear 60 pairs at least once wasn’t challenging enough. hehe

Lastly, the 3rd box included a beautiful (in my personal opinion) pair of Asics sneakers for T. which he accepted with joy, as I surprised him with them. I love giving small presents to my loved ones, and after my mom’s gift, it was T’s turn. What can I say? In my fantasy world, giving someone shoes is the best way to say I LOVE YOU! Or you know, the best way to motivate them to do the same for you, when time comes. hehe

I hope you’re having a great week… Please stay tuned for my next posts about Vancouver Fashion week!


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44 comments on ““Timeless” pumps and booties via spartoo.gr

      • My real name is Mihaela but everyone calls me Ela. You can call me whatever you prefer. 😉 Yes, lately brown details (jewelry, clothing, shoes) attracts my attention. Who knows. 😉

  1. Αχ κρίμα για τη μαμά σου, εύχομαι να περάσει όσο το δυνατόν ανώδυνα αυτό το ατύχημα και φυσικά περαστικά της!
    Τα παπούτσια καταπληκτικά, ειδικά τα μποτίνια! Με γεια σου 🙂
    Και φυσικά συμφωνώ πάρα πολύ μαζί σου ότι τα παπούτσια είναι ο καλύτερος τρόπος να δείξεις την αγάπη σου!!! χιχιχι (Shoecholic comment 😉 )

    Kisses xx

    • S’euxarisw para poli Kate mou! Pragmatika makari na mporousa na kanw kati gia na ti voithisw, giati ponaei poli…
      Xairomai pou den eimai i moni pou to pistevei auto gia ta papoutsia! hehe

  2. I think the doctors want to avoid a surgery, because a surgery can be even more painful than the way she is feeling now… I hope she feels good soon and without surgery, but if she needs it, anyway that everything is for her to feel better soon!
    I’m sure you’ll have a hectic week, but I’m also sure you will do everything in a brilliant way!
    As for the shoes, they are lovely! I really want to see you wearing them! They are just like you, beautiful and elegant! And yes, we show love through gifts too! I’m sure T. loved the sneakers!
    I’m really feeling for you and please send greetings to your mom, say I will send psitive vibes to her – and to you too, of course!
    Filakia polla!
    Denise recently posted..Pretty thingsMy Profile

    • I think that’s exactly their thoughts on the subject. They told me that they prefer to operate, but they think it would be better to treat her conservatively. We’ll see in a week, if something changes.
      Thank you so much for your comments, and your sweet wishes, both here and your emails. You make me feel so good.
      T. loved the sneakers, and I think he didn’t expect them when I brought them to him (even though he knew that I wanted to buy him a pair, but wasn’t sure about the model). I’ve already bought him 3 pairs of shoes this year, and I’m hoping to see him wearing them now that his army duty is coming to an end, and he can wear whatever he likes.
      Thank you soooo much!
      Filakia polla!

  3. Περαστικά στη μαμά σου!όλα εύχομαι να πάνε καλά!! Λάτρεψα τα μποτίνια, θα τα επέλγα σίγουρα..είναι και σε χρώμα που λατρέυω να φορώ το χειμώνα!!φιλάκια
    Maria recently posted..Most worn summer things tag!!!My Profile

  4. Oh no, your poor mom: what an awful thing to happen. I really hope she’s feeling better soon, and that the pain isn’t too bad over the next week – sending lots of good wishes, anyway!

    I also love the two shoe choices, especially the boots: what a gorgeous shape!
    Amber recently posted..A Person of InterestMy Profile

    • Thank you so much for your wishes Amber! I really hope she feels better soon!
      The shape of the booties is what drew me to them from the start! But to be honest, I liked the toecap pumps more! 🙂

  5. the blue pumps are pretty! i would like to have one of those capped-toe pairs as well. you always get great shoes from this place!

    sorry for the added duties you will have in the next few weeks, but hope everyone is ok…make sure to take a little time for yourself when you can.
    oomph. recently posted..jelly of a time.My Profile

    • Thank you very much! I do take time for myself, but I also have some things on my duties that I didn’t have before. I’m sure I’ll be all right.
      The blue toecaps are my favorite from the 2 too. Spartoo.gr has many lovely shoes, because they have a large variety of brands. More than 600. However, I’m afraid that it’s a mostly European site.

  6. Hey M, sorry to hear about your mum, I hope she feels better soon and as for you I hope you’re not too stressed! I’ve fractured my collar bone before so I know how that feels :/

    Love the blue pumps, the colour and cap toe are really nice details, haha. Hope you get a lot of wear out of the, I am not a fan of Made in China shoes either, but once in a while and for the price it’s OK 😉 Hope you have a better rest-of-the-week! xx
    Steph recently posted..Sunday afternoonMy Profile

    • Thank you so much for the get well wishes for my mom. Oh sorry to hear that, it must have been equally painful. I’m sure we’ll be all right really soon. The most important thing is for the pain to pass. I hate to see her like this.
      Yes, made in China shoes, are not very high on my list, I usually avoid them, but these were too cute and cheap to resist. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use from them, until they get ruined.
      Have a better rest-of-the-week too! 🙂

  7. Λυπάμαι πολύ για τη μαμά σου!:( Εύχομαι να πάνε όλα καλά και να γλυτώσει την επέμβαση! (ότι αποφασίσουν οι γιατροί βέβαια!) Και η δική μου μαμά είχε σπάσει τον ώμο της πριν λίγα χρόνια και είναι λίγο δύσκολο…. Άσε που καπάκι μετά από ένα-δύο χρόνια έσπασε και τον αστράγαλό της!!!!! Έχει έφεση στα πεσίματα το χρυσό μου!!!!:D Καλή ανάρρωση και υπομονή εύχομαι από όλους!:D

    Τα παπούτσια όπως πάντα – που νομίζω πως είναι το φόρτε σου!:D – είναι πολύ ωραία! Τα μποτάκια ειδικά…:) Πού να περπατήσω εγώ τέτοια τακούνια!:)

    Φιλάκια και όλα εύχομαι να πάνε καλά!

    Chrysa recently posted..First dayMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw para poli gia tis euxes sou Xrisa mou! Kai egw elpizw na glitwsei tin egxeirisi, an kai protimw oti einai kalitero gi’autin, arkei na min ponaei oso twra….
      Ase kai i diki mou exei efesi sta pesimata, prin merika xronia eixe spasei to aristero xeri…Fisika kai egw den paw pisw, eutixws ws twra mono peftw, den pathainw tpt xeirotero..mono mikri eixa spasei ena xeri kai egw! hehe
      Xairomai pou sou aresan ta papoutsia! Ola einai mia sinitheia…ama pas stadiaka apo to mikrotero takouni se megalitero sinithizeis…fisika den einai gia oli mera…kai to poso aneto einai ena papoutsi den exartatai panta apo to takouni…
      Filakia polla! Na’sai kala! 🙂

  8. Those blue pumps are indeed gorgeous and classic, but yet trendy pair. Booties seems to look good as well.I’m sure you have already many great look ideas incorporated these lovely purchases.
    Thats wonderful that youlike to give a gifts for others.I’m the same. I so enjoy it 🙂

    xoxo Ra
    Ramona recently posted..black + gold + black + grey + blackMy Profile

  9. Λυπάμαι πάρα πολύ που διαβάζω ότι χτύπησε η μητέρα σου! Ελπίζω να αισθάνεται καλύτερα και να καταφέρει να αποφύγει το χειρουργείο. Φαντάζομαι ότι αυτή τη βδομάδα θα έχεις κουραστεί πολύ τόσο σωματικά από όλες τις δουλειές που έπεσαν επάνω σου, όσο και ψυχολογικά. Καλή δύναμη επειδή η μανούλα σε χρειάζεται και έτσι λίγη κόπωση παραπάνω δεν πειράζει. Είμαι σίγουρη πάντως πως αυτά τα δύο ζευγάρια φώτισαν λίγο τη μέρα σου! Είναι πανέμορφα! Με γεια σου Μ μου!
    Εύχομαι και πάλι περαστικά!
    Elsa recently posted..I’m in the army nowMy Profile

    • Elsa mou s’euxaristw para poli! Eilikrina eisai apo tous kaliterous anthrwpous pou exw gnwrisei mesa ap’auto to blog. Panta toso eugeniki kai glikia! Na’sai kala! Pistevw oti simera einai poli kalitera apo tis proigoumenes meres, kai euxomai na perasei grigora olo auto! I alitheia einai oti exoun idi pesei arketes douleies panw mou, alla den peirazei…to thema einai na ginei kala i mama mou, kai egw mesa ap’auto tha mathw kai merika pragmata parapanw, pou ws twra ta afina sti mitera mou…Kalo einai kai auto. 🙂
      S’euxaristw kai pali para poli! Filia polla!

    • S’euxaristw poli!
      Nai pairnw sixna, giati exoume sinergasia…To spartoo einai galliki etaireia, pou exei “ipokatastima” kai stin Ellada, to spartoo.gr. Exei panw apo 630 markes (kiriws papoutsia & tsantes), apo poli gnwstes ews ligotero gnwstes etaireies…Ta perissotera pou exw parei einai para poli kala poiotika kai kaliteres times apo tin agora, ta sigekrimena dio itane ta pio fthina pou agorasa (opws lew kai sto post 35 kai 53 eurw antistoixa) kai opws katalavaineis i poiotita einai antistoixi tis timis kai eidika enos priontos made in china…Par’ola auta, gia tin timi tous einai poli kala kai eimai sigouri oti tha ta kratisw xronia! To katastima pantws exei poli kalo service kai dinei panta kouponia ekptwsewn se kathe eukairia! Ama se endiaferei mporw na se kanw kai invite.

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