Panama hats & cupcakes | Outfits

Panama hats & cupcakes 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI haven’t worn this Panama hat in a post for years. I actually wore this one in one of my first outfit posts, back when I first bought it in 2011. It’s definitely one of the stars of today’s outfit, but let’s talk a bit about the 2nd star of this look, which is this cute little white backpack. You haven’t seen me wearing a backpack, because I have the fear of getting robbed in the streets so I want to have my bags at the reach of my hand, and I never bought one, even though I like them. This cutie though has been in my closet since elementary school. Yes, you read it right. Elementary school! I don’t throw/give away anything, do I? No I don’t, because I always think I may want them again in the future, and I’m usually right. The same happened with this backpack. I had it in my mind, since last year, but that morning, I reached in my closet for it, and there it was, looking like (almost) new! Told you I’d be back with many casual outfits this month. It’s usually the only period that I wear my flat shoes so much! You haven’t seen the last of them…

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