Little witch in the woods | Outfits

Little witch in the woods 8- outfit -

Hello everybody! How are you? I’m great but also kind of stressed for the upcoming vlogmas on my channel. I have so many things to take care of before starting filming this Thursday. From Friday on, there will be a new vlog every day till Christmas on my channel. Of course I’ll be posting outfits and stuff here on my blog too. I won’t be leaving it behind. Here’s an outfit post we shot the other day when the weather was still mild. I really love this place for photos, I’ve already written that many times and you know it, but I can’t help but go back at least once every fall, so I can take some photos. My outfit is quite simple, yet it looks better than casual ones, because of the hat. I love my hats lately. You’ll be seeing me wearing a hat more often this winter, I’m sure! What do you think of this look? Let me know by leaving a comment below! ♥

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Ready to travel | Outfits

Ready to travel 5- outfit -

These photos might have been taken just a couple of days before we left for Alexandroupoli, but I was already into a traveling mood. It’s been so long since we last traveled somewhere so it was so nice to take a few days off, even if that meant, working for hours and hours before the trip to have enough content for you guys to read when I’m there. I really really liked the outfit of the day. I didn’t plan it, I just wore what came to mind, because it started raining just before we took these photos, so I started with this hat, as the key piece and built the outfit around it. I really love how it looked, and I also love my new jacket. Such a good investment in my opinion! Hope you like it too! Sorry for the dark photos. It was cloudy, rainy and just before sundown. We have to start taking our photos at an earlier time from now on. Winter is coming! hehe 😛

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First signs of fall | Outfits

First signs of fall - Outfit

So fall has officially started. The days are getting darker, and gloomier, and we have rain showers almost every day now. I’m not a fan of fall, you already know that. I weep every time this season starts, and my skin weeps with me. It gets drier and irritated, and I’m doing my best to keep it looking healthy, but I fail every time. My skincare products seem to get completely ignored by it, and I’m feeling hopeless. But at least we have fall fashion to take my mind off of it. That day was one of the colder ones so far, with low temperatures, and the annoying wind we always seem to have in my city. So I chose to wear my new jacket for the first time, and my winter hat to keep my ears warm and my hair in place. I also got to wear my winter booties for the first time this season. Lots of firsts in one day I guess. Hope you like this look… Are you a fan of fall (autumn) yourself? Let me know!

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Hat & sleeveless trench | Outfits


Readers, I fell into the hat trap! I’m not normally a hat person, especially during winter, but seeing hats everywhere made me fell in love with them and I actually bought my first winter one, which I’m wearing here. I have already worn it many times, and I love it. You’re going to see a second outfit with it really soon. That’s how madly in love I am with it. In other news, I had some orders from online shops delivered to me just before Christmas and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect gift. This sleeveless trench coat was one of them, and I’ve surprised myself for not ordering it the first time I saw it months ago. It’s finally mine though. It’s not very thick and warm, but it’s perfect for layering, even during this season (the weather is still pretty warm in Greece!). You can wear it on top of mini sweater dresses, like I did here, to give the outfit a nice look with contrasting lengths and colors. It’s a piece I’ve been dreaming of for months, so I’m definitely going to wear it again and again in the future, especially when the weather is lighter. If you wanna see what else I’ve purchased lately, feel free to watch my new video below (it’s in Greek but you can still see all the items). Waiting for your comments! 🙂

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