Shopping Spree

19 February, 2011

I’m not so proud to admit that I went shopping and spent a respectable amount of money on buying only a few things. Don’t rush into conclusions by thinking that I bought any designer clothes, or other expensive brands, because, it’s far beyond that. I actually went shopping at Zara stores and bought: a coat, a dress, a blouse, a bag, and a pair of shoes (In my defense, they were all from the new Spring-Summer 2011 collection).

I never bought so many staff from Zara, nor did I ever spend so much money on buying things that are usually cheap, in such stores, so this is a first. I used to keep my money, so I could buy something more expensive and more brand-y, but I didn’t find anything worth having. So I decided, why not spend it on something cheaper that I actually like. So this is what I bought.

I liked the dress and the coat very much, because they look simple, but stylish, in a minimalistic way. I also liked the fact that the coat is in a straight line and doesn’t have a collar.

I’m not a big fan of kitten heels, and I definitely prefer high heels, as I have previously mentioned, but I just couldn’t resist to those beautiful cobalt blue suede shoes.

This blouse looks amazing in real life and it actually matches the shoes. So I’m planning on wearing them together, as they look so good.

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Finally, I bought this bag because it’s big enough to fit books in it, but is also beautiful and chic. However, I didn’t buy it in black, but in brown, as seen in the pictures below (taken by me).

Not too bad for a trip to Zara-land after so long. What do you think about my purchases?

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One comment on “Shopping Spree

  1. I love the blue-black blouse and I think it is a great match for the kitten heels!! Now I want to go shopping too!!

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